Freelancer Job: App Development trainer to run a one day workshop.

Can you train app development in a one day workshop?

Freelancer Wanted: International Web Advertising/CakePHP Programmer Partner-Director-Equity Share

CakePHP programmer/designer with good experience in:

New Northern Animators Community Launches

Find out about All Animated – with meetings in Newcastle, Manchester and Leeds – aiming to help animators collaborate on bigger projects…

Freelancer – Rooting Android Tablets – London

Freelancer role in London / Kingston Upon Thames to root android tablets

Why can’t I just get a good job or well paying contract or freelance work?

Question:  Why can I just get a good job or well paying contract?

Answer:  Many of the jobs we hoped to get after our degree, our training or our MBA just don’t exist.

So what do we do?

What do hirers want from freelancers? 7 Tips from the Horse’s Mouth

We asked Tim Crighton from County Insurance to share with us his tips for freelancers that want to impress. As someone who regularly hires freelancers and has worked as a freelancer himself, we thought we’d get some advice directly from the Horse’s mouth – so to speak…

Here’s what Tim has to say:

Frazzled Freelancer: 10 great articles every freelance pro should read

We’ve compiled ten great articles from  around the web, written by experts to guide you through every stage of your freelancing career – from starting out to expanding into an agency.

National Freelancers Day – 21st November 2012 – 7 business building tips!

National Freelancers Day is coming soon – 21st November and a great way to win new business.

Here are our tips for how you can get the most from this unique day.

Frazzled Freelancer: Seven tips to boost your freelance business

The Frazzled Freelancer has seven quick and easy ways to get a little extra out of your business that will increase your income without increasing your spending.

Freelance tips: 7 techniques to stay focused

Struggling to stick it out to the end? No matter how much work you’ve got on, there’ll always be something to distract your attention.

Here’s seven tips to staying focused on your freelance work.

Does teamwork matter for freelancers?

Freelancers are lone wolves – they work by themselves to their own schedule. Don’t believe me? Check out these 7 things that freelancers do

So, here’s my question…. does teamwork matter to freelancers? And if so, are they any better at teamwork than anyone else? Find out ….

How to promote freelance social media services at trade shows

A big opportunity for social media freelancers is to offer their services to events and trade shows.

We take a quick look at how freelancers can take advantage of this opportunity…

7 things freelancers do – but shouldn’t

The Frazzled Freelancer recently reflected on the quirky and unusual aspects of life experienced by those working for themselves. In this follow-up piece, he looks at seven more traits of a freelance professional, this time highlighting those we’d be better off without.

7 quirky and unusual things freelancers do

A friend of the Frazzled Freelancer, recently turned self-employed, complained this weekend that she was stuck inside on a sunny Saturday slaving over her keyboard as the deadline for her latest article loomed.

Working strange hours is just one of the quirks of the freelance lifestyle. How many of these seven sound familiar to you?

7 Money Tips for Freelance Workers

There are a bunch of money issues that freelancers  face because they are  self-employed.

So what should a freelancer look out for when it comes to work, saving, paying and earning on your own? Here are our 7 top tips…


7 lessons learned in a year as a freelancer worker

The Frazzled Freelancer reflects on the first year as his own boss, discussing lessons learned along the way.

The power of the top freelance team

Do you think your freelance business could be doing better?

So, what does the smart freelancer do? It seems that more and more freelancers are getting together to form top freelance teams..

Top 7 things a freelancer can do for free on the internet

There’s still no such thing as a free lunch, but the internet is packed with brilliant tools that make a freelancer’s life easier and which don’t cost a penny – and that’s the next best thing. The Frazzled Freelancer has been trying out some handy services, and these are his recommendations.

Will everyone be a freelancer soon?

The latest UK employment report confirmed that 4.2m people in the UK are now registered self-employed, an increase of 84,000.

Does this mean that everyone’s future is now as a freelancer, startup entrepreneur, independent distributor or franchisee owner?

Freelancers: 7 uses for bank holidays

It’s a bumper bank holiday weekend combined with school holidays, so expect it to be a quiet week in the office. But don’t waste the opportunity, the Frazzled Freelancer has seven great ways to make the days count.

7 ways to survive long freelancing days

The perception of the freelance lifestyle can be that we get up late, spend the day shopping and then knock off early. More often, the reality is cups of strong coffee and late nights in the office.

If you’re up against it and you’ve got a few long days ahead, the Frazzled Freelancer has a few handy hints for you.

7 ways freelancers can ensure they get paid

You win the freelance job, deliver a stellar project and the client doesn’t pay.

Whether it’s a familiar-sounding situation or the simply something you fear, the Frazzled Freelancer has some wise advice…

7 Tips for Freelancers to Keep Healthy and Keep Earning

When we freelance, we put our health on the line.

We work long hours, we get stressed about work and projects. We have to manage the fact that some clients pay late and some don’t pay at all. We have bills to meet and mortgages to pay…

… which means, late nights, early mornings, rushing to meetings in the car, sitting in front of computers and, frankly, sometimes drinking too much coffee and subway sandwiches.

Yet, without our health, we can’t earn… so here are 7 tips to help…

Freelancers: 7 ways you’re great

Winning new business can be tough, especially when you’re not the only option.

So, our Frazzled Freelancer has come up with 7 reasons why you’re great! Once you’ve read these, you’ll be ready to take on the world…

7 ways to beat freelancer loneliness

“No man is an island,” says John Domme’s famous poem, explaining that, as people, we need and appreciate company.


For the self-employed, company can be difficult to come by. So what do we do? Our Frazzled Freelancer shares his 7 top tips…

Freelancers: what happens if you fall ill? Why recurring income matters…

What happens to your freelance work and income if you fall ill?

How do you cope with clients projects and deadlines?

Or worse, how do you cope with no income for a few months or the inability to meet client needs?

Freelancers: How to get what you want – without cash…

Our Frazzled Freelancer has been trying a ‘skills swap’ recently to gain access to skills that she needs, but can’t afford…

… all without paying for it.

It’s called skill swaps – but does it work?

3 choices for freelancers who want to advance

You’ve set up as a freelancer and the freelance jobs are coming in, great!

You’ve got a steady flow of clients, some repeat and some new, so you are sure of a steady flow of work.

But you are restless for more. If so, what’s next?

My Next Step; Freelance Work to Freelancer Business

Our Frazzled Freelancer is ready to take the next step; from freelance work to running a freelance business.

What are the challenges she faces and how will she deal with them? Find out in this week’s latest episode.

Poll – Should I Accept Commission only Roles?

Our recent article about ‘should I accept a commission only role’ stirred up some strong feelings.

So, we thought we’d take a poll – please click here to tell us what you think  (and find out what others think too).

7 Reasons why Freelancers are best!

Freelancers can transform business performance. Or at least that is my experience in the arena of business development, sales, marketing, digital and PR etc…

So, to help enterpreneurs and executives who are still unsure, I’ve come up with my 7 top reasons why freelancers are the best.

Protecting your freelance business this year

Whatever the nature of your freelance or agency business, it’s vital that you have ways and means of protecting your assets.

Here’s our guide on a few essential steps you should take.

18 Freelance Jobs and Work in Manchester, Leeds, Liverpool, London and UK

18 Freelance jobs in Manchester, Liverpool, Leeds, London and across the UK.

We’re looking for front end web developers, copywriters, sharepoint specialists, fashion journalists, PR, graphic designers, social media experts, c# developers, 3D designers, animators, iOS and Cake PHP developers.

Wanted Freelance SharePoint developer/architect and Front End Web Developers

Blueprint Web Technologies is looking for a SharePoint Developer / architect and Front End WebDeveloper

Can you help?

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