1st October – new Agency Worker Regulations apply

1st October sees the new Agency Worker Regulations laws go live.

Are you complying?

Well, firstly, here is a comprehensive guide to the issue provide by PCG.

Secondly, the key to avoiding these news laws is to ensure that you work is directed and controlled by you – and not by the company or boss for who you are delivering work.

The point here is that you must BOTH contractually make clear that you control your hours, place of work, nature of how you work etc… and also ensure that you behaviour reflects this.

You can, of course, turn up at a clients office to deliver work – or to meet with team members etc.

So why?

As PCG says on its website “The Agency Workers Regulations (AWR) are a set of regulations intended to protect vulnerable low paid “agency workers” / temps. They also safeguard permanent employees from being undercut by low-cost agency workers. The regulations achieve this by enshrining in law a right for an agency worker to “equal treatment” with regards to pay, holiday and working time, once the agency worker has been in a position with an end client for 12 weeks. The regulations take effect from October 2011. ”


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