3 industry insights from our latest freelance poll

We’ve had a huge response to our latest freelance poll. Not only is it our most popular yet, but the current results are an interesting indicator of freelancer confidence – and desire to engage in the topic of freelance work and jobs.

At the time of writing, 68% of freelance respondents have rated their current work outlook as ‘Could Be Better’ or ‘Unhealthy’, with the remaining 32% of responses either ‘Healthy’ or ‘Very Healthy’. The results at the time of publication can be seen below (click to enlarge):


So, what do the results mean for the average freelancer?

I base the following insights from my own industry perspective (digital marketing and PR); the conclusions may not ring true of other sectors.

1) The freelance marketplace is more competitive, with contractors entering the market at a younger age than ever before. Younger freelancers can offer lower rates and in some cases longer/more sustained working periods than more experienced contractors. The majority of our respondents are aged 30+, suggesting younger freelancers are currently holding a positive work outlook.

2) With budgets reined in, clients will only pay for value for money campaigns AND results. Expect to work hard for your £ in the modern freelance marketplace.

3) More and more marketing and PR agencies are hiring freelancers, some by choice, others by neccesity. It’s more cost-effective to hire talent for short-term projects than hire full-time employees with tax and National Insurance burdens.

So, where do YOU stand? And what is the feeling towards freelancers in your sector?

Has the freelance job market become too competitive?

How are your freelance prospects heading into the autumn?

Have you considered lowering your rates to retain or win new business?

Have you considered returning to a permanent 9-5 position in the face of a rapidly expanding freelance marketplace?

If you haven’t voted already, cast your opinion here:

And join the discussion below…

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