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5 reasons why social media helps find freelancer jobs and projects

You probably already use social media, but do you have a strategy in place to best use the individual tools of each application?

Read these 5 tips to see how and why social media can help you find more freelance jobs

1.  Because it works

 This is a genuine statistic: 50% of social media users have purchased a product or service online because of content they’d read. 

That’s half of all users – 1 in every 2 people using social media has parted with their money.  You could argue that some of these would have done the same offline, but they didn’t, they found the provider they were looking for through their computer. 

Plenty of freelancers find work through their social media interaction – make sure you’re one of them.

2.  Because it opens up completely new markets

Following on from my last post (5 reasons freelancers go roaming), freelancers aren’t governed by location in the same way employees are. 

Although some freelancers need a fixed base and are happy and successful selling to the market on their doorstep, social media allows you access to customers worldwide.  Social media platforms all have tools enabling you to target niche areas or interests, meaning you can reach customers based thousands of miles away from you.


3.  Because it’s very low cost

For the vast majority of the time it’s free! 

The main investment you’ll present is your time – there’s little point using social media for a few weeks to be never heard of again. 

You need a proper strategy, focus, discipline and knowledge of how to measure your success.  You may have to indulge in a little trial and error as to what works for you and your business – but would you rather pay thousands in advertising rates to find out the same end via traditional advertising?


4.  Because your competitors are using it

Your rivals will be aware that most people nowadays look for information online. 

Whilst they wouldn’t forego their face-to-face networking, they know that a good portion of their market are sat behind a laptop screen.

You may think that having that virtual distance makes things a little impersonal, but people will always buy from people.  And that’s the ethos of social networking; building relationships, gaining connections, establishing trust. 

If you don’t make these connections, your competitors will.

5.  Because it isn’t going anywhere soon

Print media has positively shrunk in the last decade and although social media may have once been described as a trend it’s here to stay. 

As buyers get younger and technology advances, more and more of your customers will carry out everything online; if you don’t join them, your client base will one day disappear.

So there you have it….

The main issue with social media is building awareness.  There are so many companies using social networking platforms that new voices can easily be ignored.  Raising your online profile is far more than just telling your virtual connections what you had for lunch.

There’s no truer phrase than ‘content is king’.  Chattering away incessantly about what you do is like cold-calling companies on the phone. 

Most online customers will be turned off by this approach.  Social media works at its best if you can establish a two-way street of conversation with your potential customersRemember, it’s social, it’s not always about you.

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