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5 Recommendations on Why Every Employer Should Hire Freelancers – celebrating National Freelancers Day

What is National Freelancers Day about?

Is it a holiday? If only…!

Instead, I think it is an opportunity to change the way that businesses and employers think about freelancers – which will result in a more varied and versatitle freelance jobs market in the future.

Hence, the reason I think we should all get behind the day is to help raise the profile of the excellent work and invaluable benefits that freelancers bring to the work place.

In fact, we such big fans of National Freelancers Day that we’ve decided to join with PCG and put on a Freelance Fair event to celebrate National Freelancers Day in Manchester on the 22nd November.

But, let’s recap on the top 5 reasons for recommending freelancers to businesses and employers

1. Agililty

Freelancers work by the hour. If you business needs to change direction or your market collapses or your government contract is cancelled and the business needs to change what it does, then you need to change some or most of your workforce too.

With freelancers you can – with employees you can’t (okay, you can, but you have to start consultancy, then go through the necessary stages, including the weeks of uncertaintly and extra low morale, then pay redundancy, then worry about getting computer equipment back and then worry about whether you might get sued for unfair dismissal – after all, what has the employee now got to lose? )

Does anyone wonder why business agility in the UK is so low? But it needn’t be – if you organisation embraces freelance contract working…

2. Breadth of experience

Two years ago we didn’t have tablets, four years ago we didn’t have social media, 8 years ago we didn’t have Word Press, 10 years ago we didn’t have email on our phones, 12 years ago we were discovering google and 14 years ago most businesses didn’t have a website.

Does the world change? Yes – so how do you keep up?

Bringing in freelancers who have worked on a variety of projects – and hence always seem more up-to-date – is a great way of bringing the outside world of change into your business. Your existing teams will benefit and learn faster and keep on top of trends better. 

3. No politcs no moaning

Times are tough enough already. One of the great things about good freelancers is that they don’t do politics and don’t moan. They are there to do a job and to get it done to the best of their ability – after all, every freelancer wants repeat work.

4. Speed

Freelancers are sometimes called the Just in Time Workforce! I love this saying. It really highlights that it is a freelancer who will come to your aid to dig you out of a whole or to solve a problem – just in time.

Hiring employees takes too long for most businesses to seize unusual opportunties – but freelancers can start work almost straight away. What an opportunity freelancers offer to the smart and agile business!

5. Out of the box thinking

Last but not least, freelancers are ‘freeer’ in their thinking. They have worked in more industries on multiple projects – often called in to rescue projects at the last minute. So, who should you go to when you need some out of the box thinking? Well, freelancers of course!

I’ve always found any idea I’ve had for new or more business gets better by sharing it – with smart thinkings – and yes, I always go to my freelance contacts first. They just get it faster.

If you’d like to read 20 reasons why organisations should hire freelancers, then click here to down the sample version of my book – 20 Rules for Entrepreneurs.


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