50% of New US Jobs are Freelancer Jobs; UK to follow…

two hands stopWhat kind of new jobs will we see coming out of this recession?

Where will the jobs come from? Will they be freelance, full time, skilled or something else?

That is the big question for every freelancer and entrepreneur who is either starting up now – or already on the journey.

So, what will happen… and what do we do about it?

More Freelancer Jobs

Latest reports from recruitment firms show that the UK’s businesses are reducing their intentions to hire – that means that fewer ‘proper’ jobs will be coming onto the market in the next three to six months.

Equally, the US jobs market has demonstrated for a while that the recovering in jobs just isn’t happening.

And now, we have reports from the US that more than 50% of all vacancies are freelancer vacancies.

What happens in the USA is going to be happen in the UK with perhaps a 6 to 18 month lag.

Recently, here at Enterprise Freelance Fair, we’ve seen an upshift in the range of freelance jobs available. Instead of the purely sales roles or just technical roles, we are seeing a desire to bring the creative people back into business.

That is great news as it means that companies are becoming more comfortable with freelancers delivering work that is less clearly connected to immediate sales.

It also means that those businesses recruiting freelancers are investing!

… and where businesses are investing, we can expect more work to follow.

Work of the future – the freelancer portfolio

One work place guru has predicted that work of the future will be more like a video game. In fact, he predicted that we would be actively ‘gaming’ or perhaps working on a number of video games (sorry, projects) at any one time.

What he is really saying is that all work will become project based. A project will have an end goal, like a video game – such as reach the top level and defeat the evil genie – and that there will be a series of levels to work through and challenges to overcome at various stages.

In effect, he is describing what is already happening in the lives of freelancers – they run 3 or 4 core projects with another 10 to 20 occaisional clients. In some sectors, developers for instance, they tend to work closely with just one or two companies, where as freelance writers work with a wider group of clients.

So what does the entrepreneur and freelancer do?

For the freelancer, it is quite simple, keep doing what you’ve been doing. Focus on building the portfolio of clients who, amongst them, will give you steady work.

For the entrepreners or executives, things are more complex! Many businesses have been holding out against freelancers – and opting to hire agencies instead. This has to decline, with only the very large businesses interested in working with agencies.

More and more small agency work will shift to talented freelancers.

The challenge (and opportunity) for business leaders is to effectively integrate freelancers into their core team.

How businesses can benefit from freelance talent

More businesses will consist of a shrunk down core – sometimes just one person – and a much larger group of freelancers who can help, support and deliever projects.

The concept of project work – a coming together for a short space of time – is a powerful one, and it will increase.

This project work will be based in real offices with some freelancers taking work away to complete from home/ office, before returning for group project sessions.

This approach will unleash invention and innovation as it allows a range of intelligent and talented voices to impact on the project in its early stages.

It also delivers a highly integrated approach – the marketing methods are tested, the sales messages are tested, the channels (social media to face to face) are understood, the brand and design fits with the copy and message and it all appears like one single whole in digital, paper and print.

Delivering this integrated result has become harder and harder – because every business now needs an SEO expert, sales guru, social media marvel, wonderful writer and so on and so forth.

Once businesses realises they can tap all this wonderful resource, without a sales and marketing department of 50 people, then they will have been converted.

For instance, we recently delivered a £500k team for a 3 day £5k project – at two weeks notice.

This wasn’t possible before freelancers – but it is possible now.

Do you want an efficient way to recruit the freelance talent to lead your business – without it costing you a fortune? Get in contact with us…

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