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7 Reasons why Freelancers are best!

Freelancers can transform business performance. Or at least that is my experience in the arena of business development, sales, marketing, digital and PR etc…

So, to help entrepreneurs and executives who are still unsure, I’ve come up with my 7 top reasons why freelancers are the best.

1. Freelancers don’t moan, complain, gripe or do office politics.

Not only is this a huge relief – look work is tough enough as it is without water-cooler politics – but also a positive attitude and can-do spirit is required to succeed in business or public service no matter what. So, fill your office with freelancers it will do you and your teams the world of good.

2. Freelancers do what they say they will do.

A freelancer knows that he or she is only as good as their last freelance job. If they don’t perform or leave their client with a sense of disappointment, then, word gets round pretty fast and they damage their chances of future work. Hence, they tend to make sure that you are a satisfied client before they head off for the next piece of work. How many of your employees do this on a Friday afternoon? How many come to you to check that you are happy with this week’s work and to ask for ideas on how they can improve?

3. Freelancers won’t do what they can’t do (or are not motivated to do)

The freelancers I work with tell me when they don’t think they can do a job. I’ve experienced this twice in the last week and both were for excellent reasons and I am thankful for the freelancers for the willingness to give up potential work. The first involved someone who felt that she could pass me to someone better qualified for the kind of work that I had. And, the second, told me point blank that the product I had wouldn’t sell (he was right of course).

Both saved me money and time and helped me get the product right so that it would sell.

4. Freelancers cost less because they are more efficient

Look, you may, as the entrepreneur or executive, pay more per hour or day for a freelancer, but consider this; you don’t pay for holidays when work slows down (that’s August, December and April this year); you don’t pay for days off, you don’t pay for sick days, you don’t pay for delays. You only pay when the freelancer performs.

I consider that the work that I am able to deliver through my freelance teams is about half the cost of normal employment or large agencies for that matter, and yes, this does cost in my own time too.

5. Freelancers allow you to test and experiment

Do you have a product or new service that you want to launch and test?

Great, create a freelance team who can do this for you. Pull them together (or let us organise the team for you) for a short 3 day or 2 week project and test whether your product / service will work. Can you sell and promote the new product? Can you make sales at a cost that makes it profitable (often, this is the problem with new products – great idea, but no one will pay enough to make them profitable).

If you want a more experimental approach to innovation in your company, there is no better way than a dedicated ‘launch team’ consisting of mainly freelancers and a few key members from your employed team.

Remember also that you can use this same technique to test new media strategies too. So, want to test social media? Create a short term freelance project. Want to build a mobile phone App? Want to test a new brand with a different price point? Again, create short term freelance teams.

6. Freelancers learn to collaborate, but also hold their ground

Talented freelancers are expert specialists. That is, they are very very good at one or two things. Hence, if you want to discover quickly what is wrong with your current sales and marketing, or whether your new product/ service will work, there is no faster nor more effective way to discover this than to engage a team of talented freelancers, each of whom is an expert in their specialist area.

However, don’t think that freelancers can’t collaborate. They can – because they must! Succeeding as a freelancer requires that they develop the ability to work alongside other experts. They have no choice but to collaborate.

It is this combination of expertise with a willingness to collaborate that makes freelance teams so exciting and effective.

7. Freelancers can work from home and / or your office

Lastly, don’t think freelancer can’t work from your office. They can. You can create a war-room or an emergency centre or a crisis point – pull all your key staff and talented freelancers into the room and give them the sales and marketing objectives need to transform your sales and company.

Need a freelance team to turn around your sales and marketing? We can do that!

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