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7 Tips for Freelancers to Keep Healthy and Keep Earning

When we freelance, we put our health on the line.


Sure, we work long hours, we get stressed about work and projects. We have to manage the fact that some clients pay late and some don’t pay at all.

Every month we have bills to meet and mortgages to pay, yet, our income goes up and down and all around.

Some clients give us plenty of time – but some demand it done in an instant – and yes, that’s the same ‘instant’ that all our other clients are insisting on…

… which means, late nights, early mornings, rushing to meetings in the car, sitting in front of computers and, frankly, sometimes drinking too much coffee and subway sandwiches.

Which is why health matters!

Now, some younger freelancers may be turn off by this topic – that’s okay, when your health bank balance has run down to zero once or twice, then maybe this topic will start to appeal.

But, for the rest of us who know we’ve pushed our bodies, our minds, our keyboard fingers and our luck a bit too much every now and then, let’s talk about health for freelancers.

The first thing that is striking for freelancers is that they have more control of their time – apart from frequent rushes – which means a trip to the gym or walk with the dog or jog along the path during daylight hours is a lot easier for us than it is for the traditionally employed.

But, it does, of course, require us to drag ourselves away from the computer, telephone or non-stop networking.

So, what are the key tips that I’ve learnt? Here are my seven…

1. Do something every day.

Go for a walk, a run or visit the gym at least once every day. Make it a habit. Even if you get under pressure don’t stop the habit – keep going for your bit of exercise even if you cut the walk from 40 minutes to 10 minutes – just keep doing it.

2. Do something every hour

Recent advice suggests that we should do something every hour – that is, get up from our computers or screens and walk around the house. Perhaps make a cup of tea or take something upstairs – just as a way of moving the body from our very static computer screen based lives.

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This regular movement is believed to increase flexibility – and that rather than use exercise to build muscle strength (like body builders) we really want to gain agility and flexibility – a bit like a ballet dancer!?! In fact, I’ve been told that maintaining flexibility is one of the key ways to avoid injury as we grow a bit older.

3. Give your mind a break

Health isn’t just a physical thing – it can also be about our minds too. Sometimes, the best way to solve things in our minds is to go for a run, play tennis, visit the gym or just get some fresh air. Working from home has the danger that we can become too focused on a particular project and this can affect our minds too.

4. Watch what you eat

Eating well is broadly recognised as important. So, swap the biscuits for nuts. Buy or make some home-made soup so you eat well at lunch time – every day – and don’t just ‘snack’ your way through the day.

5. Get the right supplements

Supplementing your diet is now regarded as essential. Our parents grew up on cod liver oil – we now consume the highest grade Omega-3 capsules – but it is the same idea – we can only get so much from our supermarket bought food.

The quality of supplements has increased massively in the past 30 years – aloe vera – glucosomine – alginine – ginseng – antioxidants – these have become common terms and people who have used these for many years are demonstrating significant health benefits.

6. Join a club or get a trainer

Join a running club, a badminton club, tennis club, a gym or just find someone to share a walk. Building your fitness activities around social activities helps you keep going and is a great source of encouragement. If you find this too hard to do, get yourself a fitness trainer.

7. Make the right investment

Think of your health as your most important asset. As a freelancer, you can’t work without your health and if you don’t work, you don’t earn.

Your health is even more important than your iPhone or notebook, without it, nothing happens.

What would happen if someone switched off your wifi? It is the same when you get ill…

So, you look after your phone and computer, right? Sure, then it is essential to give your health the same degree of respect.


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