About Us

This business and these events run successfully solely using freelancers and agencies.

Well, you would expect nothing less, would you?

And, these events were created because we discovered the need for them!

Traditionally, recruiting freelancers has been slow and difficult, and never with the speed that is necessary to fill gaps and meet immediate needs.

So, we have to find a better way.

And, to meet our own requirement, we began to build extensive pools of highly talented – and local – freelancers.

Okay, we do accept that not all the freelancers we work with are local – but the vast majority are and all of them can be conferenced called or join a skype instant message conference call or meet up in a hotel lobby, if needs be. You see, it is our flexibility that is key to our success.

So, the Enterprise & Freelance Fair came about because we saw the need to develop local pools of freelance talent – and so we thought, hey, if we need this to grow, then so will other entrepreneurs and business leaders – so why not set up a workshop to help more businesses connect with freelancers. And…

… the great thing is this, the more entrepreneurs engage with local freelance talent, so the pool of local talent will grow and strengthen and that means it just gets easier to build quality business at low risk and with carefully controlled costs.

So, those of us who engage with local freelancers will gain the competitive advantage.

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