Sprayed Polyurethane Foam For Metal Roofing

Sprayed Polyurethane Foam For Metal Roofing

Sprayed Polyurethane Foam from Alpha Omega Roofing company Wilmington NC represents the cutting edge in roofing technology. SPF roofing systems offer many benefits. The system is lightweight and fully adhered so it can be installed over existing roofing systems in many cases. SPF is easy to install reducing installation labor costs and making sure that more of your money stays on the roof in the form of a quality product. As the costs of heating and cooling buildings keep climbing, many owners are choosing foam roofing because of its outstanding insulating properties. A Sprayed Polyurethane Foam roof will offer years of outstanding protection.


  • Stops air infiltration, the number one culprit of energy loss
  • Provides insulation value of R-6 per inch
  • Reflective topcoat keeps the roof cool
  • Completely seamless, no fasteners to leak
  • Withstands light foot traffic
  • Closed cell structure (any leakage remains localized)
  • Easily repaired if damaged
  • Tax and/or energy rebates may be available
  • With its insulating value and reflective cool surface, SPF reduces your energy bills year round.
  • Because SPF is lightweight and fully adhered it can be applied over existing roofing systems in many cases, eliminating costly tear-off and disposal
  • Sustainable – can be recoated for years of extended life
  • Non-pro-rated warranty

We offer a complete liquid-applied protective elastomeric coating system for aged EPDM, TPO, PVC, CSPE, and Modified Bitumen that can improve and extend the life of the existing single ply roof. As single ply membranes age, they can begin to shrink putting stress on the seams causing cracks and leaks. EPDM roofs are especially vulnerable to this because the rubber shrinks as it ages putting a lot of stress on the seams. Soaring roof temperatures on a black roof cause excessive roof movement resulting in increased stress on the roof membrane. Our Energy Star Rated, elastomeric coatings from Conklin provide cost-effective roof restoration for approved single ply substrates, resulting in improved energy savings and years of a new life for an old roof. The reflective roof coating keeps the roof surface cool, reducing movement and extending the life of the roof. The system consists of cleaning the old membrane with a special cleaner and pressure washing the roof. Then the seams are sealed with tough, flexible fabric embedded in two layers of base coat. The entire roof is then coated with a reflective top coat resulting in a seamless, watertight membrane that reflects away 84% of the suns ultraviolet rays; keeping your building cooler and saving you energy and money.

Charlotte Business That Need Help Increasing Revenue

Businesses considering search marketing

An Article by Todd Kron a Charlotte SEO, inbound marketer and web designer for CGR Creative located in Charlotte’s South End. Some information and an adjustment of marketing perspective for those considering hiring an SEO to fix their search ranking. This is also a reminder of the long term value of building a presence and some of the residual effects to your profit margin.

We have discussed before the incredible value of spending your marketing dollars on search marketing and hiring an SEO firm. If you are a smart businessperson you inherently think long term. The long game should always be the thinking of anyone with a good business model. With this idea in mind paying for SEO work on your website is almost always the best value. I meet a new client every week who is envious of the rankings of a competitor and came through our door with that as their motivation. A client sees how anyone seeking their service is seeing the competitor online more than their business. Often times this new client has thought about hiring an SEO for months before coming to this point. What this means is that for months they have seen the competition beating them out for all those searching new customers online. This means that month after month you see a better-positioned competitor “drinking your milkshake”. This scenario speaks to the long game which is won by spending on SEO for you business website.

Charlotte Businesses Do It Better

You may come through the door not seeing the tangible and obvious effect of paying $1000+ per month to have an SEO make changes that are almost invisible to the eye. A radio or print ad is easy to see and easy to understand and in almost every case will make you phone ring faster. You can pursue these traditional marketing methods and feel more satisfied in the short term. You can pay this month’s bills and make modest gains for your expense and your marketing will always live in the short term.

This is a winning business model until the time is does not work or the time when the ROI shrinks. You can spend on a one time marketing effort like radio and television and you will have short term fast results. Now this is where the smarter long term approach needs to be added so you are not only adding more eggs to your basket but also making new baskets.

Charlotte Businesses Need SEO

Good SEO and getting your business seen through the search rankings and other forms of inbound marketing is a long term plan. When you calculate the ROI for inbound marketing don’t simply weigh the ‘cost per month’ vs. ‘the new business income per month’. With SEO and inbound marketing you need to calculate the increased income you will see from the permanent effects of what is being done on your behalf.

That competitor that you are envious of is likely not paying anyone anymore. If you see that competitor with all the desirable ranking they are clearly in a position where they do not need to pay anyone. What you are seeing is an expense they paid for a long time in the past. The marketing efforts and SEO they invested in have continued to pay dividends months and years after they have stopped investing in it.

It is important to go into a search marketing campaign with modern outlook and the goal of long term growth. A smart client that will be around for years has updated their thinking from making a buck to building a brand and a presence with value.

Opening a Business in Charlotte? Perfect!

Opening a Business in Charlotte? Perfect!

If you’re thinking about opening a business in Charlotte, North Carolina, 2013 is anticipated to be a strong year for growth and new businesses in the developing Center City. The population of Charlotte has been steadily rising for the past decade, as it has become the headquarters for several of the nation’s Fortune 500 companies, including Bank of America and Belk.

Perhaps the most appealing part of Charlotte is its balance between the residential and the commercial. With something to offer for every individual and every family, Charlotte gives new business owners the opportunity to market their company and brand to a more expansive variety of people than other cities. As your company’s brand awareness grows, so with it will grow your business, and, in turn, the city of Charlotte will mature, benefiting from your professional contribution.

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Get The Right Workers In Charlotte

You know the basic ways of marketing your business. You know the advantages of print advertising, as well as the importance of digital advertising. Historically, word of mouth has been the most prominent factor for promoting a business, and, while this may in many ways still hold true, the mode for the word has greatly changed. Social media sites, like Facebook and Twitter, are now the most actively used forms of communication, and they have the ability to transmit information to an increased number of people. Many businesses find it to be advantageous to utilize social media resources as a way to communicate their products and services to present and future clients.

Support Businesses In Charlotte NC

For businesses in Charlotte, new and old, the Charlotte Center City Partners (CCCP) have provided a way of presenting their business to individuals living in and visiting Charlotte welcome Charlotte businesses to their page, as a way of advertising their services to the public. If you’re a business in Charlotte, be sure to check out their website and contact them about including your business in their list of recommended Charlotte hotspots. They are considered a credible source by the public, and people frequently visit their website, when planning their nights and weekends.

Freelance tips: 7 techniques to stay focused

First it was Andy Murray at Wimbledon, then it was the London Olympics, now it’s … that must-have bargain on ebay? Magpies may be attracted to shiny things, but freelancers can be distracted by all sorts.

If you’re half-way through a big project and you’re browsing this website instead of finishing it off, then this is the article for you.

1/ Switch off your alerts

Nothing derails a train of thought like the bleep-bloop of a new email, Twitter mention or text message. The distraction, added to the time spent reading the message, added to the time taken to get back up to the speed you were working at before, takes longer than you realise. Some experts figure every distraction sets you back 15 minutes. So switch it all off.

Have you ever had an email that was so urgent in needed an immediate response? Maybe you have, but I’ll bet it’s a very small percentage of all the emails you check there and then. Emails are so easy to send these days that people do so without a second thought and, in truth, the world won’t end if you wait an hour or two to respond.

2/ Break your work up into smaller pieces

Motivation can be tough when the mountain of work ahead of you seems insurmountable. It feels like there’s no point even getting going.

The answer to this is a nifty little trick I was taught some time ago: sit down and promise yourself you’ll do an hour’s solid work. An hour’s manageable, it doesn’t seem too daunting. And even if it’s a thoroughly boring hour, you can at least check your watch and know that you’re due a break soon.

But the secret? By the time the hour’s up, you’ll find you’re into your work. The hardest part is getting started, and that struggle will be behind you. You’ll be working full speed and often won’t even want to stop once your hour’s done.

3/ Reward yourself

So your hour’s up or, even better, you’ve finished the project. Treat yourself. A glass of wine at the end of the day, a cupcake halfway through the day or an episode of Jeremy Kyle at 3pm.

If you’ve got something to look forward to, it’ll make the work in between seem less painful. And you should always take time out to recognise how much you’ve achieved.

All work and no play makes you forget why you’re doing what you do in the first place.

4/ Get fresh air

Of course, as much as the promise of a cupcake or a measure of something a little stronger in your drink may help get you through the day, there’s always the basics to bear in mind: Fresh air and stretching your legs.

Sitting in a chair and staring at a screen for hours upon end is not what our bodies were designed to do. Experts say the most we should attempt is an hour at a time before looking away from the screen to rest our eyes, going for a walk to get the blood circulating, and preferably taking in some fresh air to blow away the cobwebs.

5/ Shut the door and pin up some rules

Maybe the reason you’re struggling to stick to the task in hand is other people. The phone might be off the hook and all your alerts switched off, but if your kids, better half or parents are knocking on your office door asking you to nip down to the shops or to hoover up a little bit, then you may have to get tough.

It’s easy for people who’ve never worked for themselves to misunderstand the effort it takes to do so. If you need to put some solid hours in, use a ‘do not disturb’ sign on your door. And if this isn’t enough, explain to everyone why you need a bit of peace and how important it is. Failing this, get out the house and head to a library, coffee or shared office.

6/ Finish the work you start

Whilst we’re on the topic of telling people ‘no’, this applies to clients, too. It might seem scary, but if a customer calls up and needs something doing ‘yesterday’, this can detract from all the work you were happily getting on with already.

It’s ok to ask for longer to do work, and it’s ok to say no all together if you simply haven’t got enough time in the day. If answering one customer’s emergency call means you miss deadlines for two others, then you have to ask whether it was worth saying yes and accommodating them at all.

7/ Love what you do

When all’s said and done, nothing will make you want to get up in the morning and get stuck into a piece of work like really loving what you do. And nothing is more likely to have you hitting the snooze button and pulling the duvet over your head than doing something you don’t enjoy.

Every freelancer has days when they’re resigned to doing the bits they wish they didn’t have to – paperwork, invoicing, cold calling, paying tax – and that’s just part of life. But if the day ever comes where there’s more of these days than enjoyable days, it’s time to have a rethink.

You’re the boss, after all, you’re the one who decides what the day’s work will involve.

Frazzled Freelancer: Seven tips to boost your freelance business

Getting a little more from your business can be simple and doesn’t need to cost any money. A freelancer can attract more custom – or make a better living from their existing customers – by implementing a few simple ideas. Here’s seven to get you started.

1/ Carry your business cards – everywhere.

You never know when you’re going to bump into someone who’s interested in your products and services, or who knows somebody who might be. Sure, this is likely to happen at a networking event, but it might also happen at the sandwich shop during lunch, on a sunny walk during your day off, or at the launch of a new music shop.

I learned this lesson early on and have tried to remember my business cards wherever I go ever since, but my friend – new to freelancing – recently got caught without her cards, so it’s worth a reminder.

2/ Brush up on your marketing skills

When you’re working for yourself, you need to be able to turn your hand to any number of skills, from sales to keeping your accounts logged. Marketing is a massively important tool – it’ll drive your sales if you’re doing it right – so it’s important to have a regular refresher.

This could be as simple as following some clued-in people on Twitter and reading their blogs, to ringing your local Chamber of Commerce and asking which free workshops they’re putting on in the near future, through to making contact with a local marketing agency and asking if they’re interested in helping you out.

And as part of this, learn social media. We’re past the point of it being fancy and new, it’s just a way of life for businesses now and there’s no excuse for not being easily contacted by your customers through their favourite medium.

3/ Memorise your pitch

Ever been asked what it is you do and begun with, “Well, it’s sort of, it’s a bit like, err?”

You’re not alone. Many freelancers become so engrossed in what they’re doing they just assume everyone else knows what they do and how they might benefit from it. But it isn’t so, you’re going to have to tell them. However, people have short attention spans, so you’re going to need to make it snappy. And cut out the complicated words, you can introduce those later when you’ve got their interest.

So that’s two sentences. What you do: “I design and build great websites.” And why people should buy from you. “You can update them yourself, even if you’re not technically minded, and I make them so everyone can find them through Google.”

Learn it. Rehearse it. Test it on a friend to make sure they ‘get it’. Now it’s handy and you can easily and effortlessly tell a stranger and hook them in.

4/ Get in touch with more people

Now that you’ve thought a bit about your pitch, put it to good use. Don’t wait for people to ask what you do, be more proactive than that.

Send out a few sales letters. Emails work, too, but beware that it’s very easy to end up in somebody’s junk mail or get deleted. Cold calls may not sound like much fun, but they certainly work.

Make sure you’re getting in touch with the right people – somebody who would definitely benefit from your service – and approach them in a friendly manner, but get the facts out there early.

The more people who know what you do, the more sales you’re going to make. And if your sales letters and phone calls haven’t worked out in the past, go back to point 2 and reassess your technique.

5/ Gather and publish testimonials

So you think your product’s brilliant? That’s great, but I expect you to tell me it’s brilliant. What’s really going to impress me is if somebody with no vested interest is a fan of what you do.

When a new film comes out at the cinema, it’s going to tell you it’s fantastic, but if it gets a great review in a newspaper that’s a bit more believable. And if your friend has seen it and recommends it, you’re even more likely still to go and see it.

Because people are thinking the same thing about your business, you should collect a few testimonials (ask a few regular customers, most people are happy to help) and put them on your website, your sales letter, your tender document…

6/ Stop competing on price

If you’re already really busy but you’d still like to boost your income, then put your rates up. It might be the toughest thing to do, but every business everywhere has done it and so should you. Space Raider crisps aren’t 10p any more, and houses aren’t £10,000. Things get more expensive as time goes by, and so should you – if only so you can still afford all the things you could afford last year.

On a related note, stop competing on price. Don’t win a sale because you’re the cheapest – win it because you’re the best. A colleague pitching for some work was recently asked why he was more expensive than the others. He said: “Because I do a better job.” And he won the work.

7/ Just do it

The number one thing holding most freelancers back is nerves. “But what if?” is the easiest question to ask and the most destructive to a freelance business.

What if you try to make a cold call and they put the phone down on you? What if you put your prices up and lose a customer?

But what really is the worst case scenario here – is it really anything insurmountable? And, on the other hand, what if that sales call leads to your dream job, or putting your rates up means you can afford a really nice holiday this year?

Exactly. So get out your chair and go do whatever it is you’ve been meaning to do for far too long now.

Why can’t I just get a good job or well paying contract or freelance work?

Question:  Why can I just get a good job or well paying contract / freelance work?

Answer:  Many of the jobs we hoped to get after our degree, our training or our MBA just don’t exist.

And they aren’t suddenly going to appear after this recession is over.

Which is why freelancing and entrepreneurship seems to be the best option for anyone who wants to gain control of their lives.

But there are problems with many small business. Many small business owners end up working longer hours for little or no return and getting deeper in to debt. Conventional small business is a nightmare for many.

Things are not much better for large corporations either. These large organisations are looking to downsize and reduce costs to maintain profit growth while sales remain steady, or, even worse, they are looking to reduce staff in the slow growth markets and hire more staff in the faster growing Asian and LatAm markets.

So, what choice do we have? Prof John Potter reviews some of the options and comes up with a couple of answers.