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End of fair feedback session

As a new year approaches, it’s time for us at Enterprise Freelance Fair to take stock of our 2010 events and the work we’ve put in to glue together freelancers, start-ups and entrepreneurs.

We’ve been delighted with the response to our three autumn events held in the Wirral, Manchester and Cheshire, with attendee feedback questionnaires allowing us to identify what we did well and areas for improvement.

Over the three morning events, we arranged over 670 high quality business meetings and 99% of feedback form respondents said they would recommend an event to colleagues and friends. 3 out of 4 were confident of doing business as a result of attending an event and at our Cheshire meet up, 100% of attendees were positive they had found 3 new business contacts – up from 87.5% in the Wirral.

Enterprise Freelance Fair is run by freelancers, and we’re keen to build a valuable community around our events and take on board the thoughts of our attendees. In 2011 we hope to provide more events in the North West and explore other UK freelance, start-up and entrepreneur hubs. In order to improve, we’d like some extra feedback on the size and scale of our events.

1) How much do you value the intimacy of an event in one room made for 50-70 people, or would you prefer a larger group (100+ attendees) in order to gain more potential contacts?

2) What kind of presentation topics would compel you to attend, and would being split into two rooms for part of a morning event add or take away from the event experience?

You can feed your thoughts back to us by commenting on this blog post, via LinkedIn or Twitter.

Thank you for the support in 2010 and we can’t wait to get out there in the new year and push forward. In the meantime we will aim to keep you up to date with freelance, start-up and entrepreneur news, jobs and opinion.

Here’s to a fruitful end to 2010 for the Enterprise Freelance Fair community and let us know how you are getting on with your business…

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