Class of 2011: catching up with Emma Runciman of Think Say Do

Regular readers will be aware of our Class of 2011 series, which began in January with the aim of celebrating new freelance and start-up talent from our growing community.

Emma Runciman is the founder of Think Say Do, a consumer research agency and we caught up with her recently to refresh on her business progress.

Emma will be attending our Liverpool Freelance Fair tomorrow.

Q) Emma, since we last spoke, how have things gone for you and Think Say Do?

March is already making up for a quieter January and February. I’ve enjoyed the opportunity to take a look at my proposition, do some of my own research and make plans for the rest of this year. I’m feeling really positive about the rest of 2011.

Q) Have your business aims for 2011 changed, been modified or stayed the same so far this year?

No, my focus is still on growing the user research and usability testing side of the business – testing writing and design to check it works. It’s going well. I’ve got a couple of case study projects lined up and made links with more agencies who really like what I’m offering.

Q) What are you looking forward to most from the Enterprise Freelance Fair in Liverpool this week?

For me, it’s got to be the networking part. I just love meeting new people, but also bumping into familiar faces. I always leave feeling inspired.

Q) Any new projects in the pipeline you can tell us about?

I’ve just linked up Bangor University’s Centre for Experimental Consumer Psychology with afia, a tone of voice and copywriting agency based in the Midlands. Last week Ben Afia and I headed over to Bangor to deliver a workshop and set up a collaborative research project. It’s titled ‘tone as a moderator of brand personality’ and has a specific emphasis on brand trust and corporate letters. I’m really interested in seeing what’s produced when academics and businesses work together.

Q) Are there any freelance / small business resources do you use regularly that you can recommend to our community?

I like the stories the people I follow on Twitter throw at me. The variety and randomness means there’s always something interesting. I have one account where I follow everyone from fellow researchers and usability testers, to friends and brands.

If you’ve had a long day in the office, what makes you switch off and relax?

I’m not very good at sitting still, and I love good food. In the winter a trip to the gym and some creative time in the kitchen does the job. Weekends and summer evenings are spent on my mountain bike – I love being outdoors, and it does my mood a world of good.

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