Class of 2011: catching up with Katie Portman

Our Class of 2011 series began in January with the aim of celebrating new freelance and start-up talent from our growing community.

We recently caught up with Katie Portman who provides copywriting, marketing and PR services from her base in Yorkshire.

Q) Katie, since we last spoke, how have things gone for you on your freelance journey?

It’s going incredibly well thank you! Business has really picked up and I’ve been very busy working for existing clients and new ones too. I’m very lucky because I’ve got a wonderful mix of clients and am working on all kinds of projects. I’ve been attending some networking and business advice sessions too and so far, it’s been fantastic!

Q) Have your business aims for 2011 changed, been modified or stayed the same so far this year?

My business aims are pretty much the same this year. I hope to attract new clients, continue to work on projects with existing clients and make more of a name for myself as a freelancer.

Q) Does the recent IR35 report affect you at all?

I’m not expecting the report to affect me currently however in time, there is a chance if I do contracted work for a client, that it possibly could. I think being a freelancer can be tricky in terms of taxation as many people don’t quite seem to understand the nature of the work we do, but hopefully the report will simplify matters.

Q) Any new projects in the pipeline you can tell us about?

There’s all kinds of things in the pipeline but some of it isn’t set in stone yet so I can’t really tell you about it! However, I have recently started working as a freelance copywriter for a renowned creative branding company based in Sheffield and London which is going really well and I’m also in the process of creating and launching a new lifestyle website / blog which should hopefully be live in the next few months which all is very exciting! Watch this space!

Q) Are there any freelance / small business resources do you use regularly that you can recommend to our community?

I’m always going on about Twitter but honestly for me, it’s been the best resource imaginable. Not only have I found tons of great advice through following various people and organisations, but I’ve also got work from it!

In regards to websites, I’ve found this site a great resource for freelancers and I also like the Freelance Advisor and Freelance UK sites for tips and information. From more of a general business point of view, I’m a big fan of which is a business support and advice network for start-ups, small business owners and entrepreneurs. I also like the online magazine Creative Boom for its insightful blog posts and articles.

In regards to networking events and meet-ups, I’m still dipping my toes in this area, but my advice would be to start local and see what events are out there that may be suitable for you.

Q) If you’ve had a long day in the office, what makes you switch off and relax?

As a start-up freelancer, I must admit I do find it very difficult to switch off and relax as there’s always so much to do! However, every busy freelancer needs their down time! For me, I try and get out to see friends and family as much as possible. Sometimes I’ll even go and meet a friend for a coffee and a chat during the day as it gives me a break from staring at my screen and some much needed company too.

Exercise is also really important I think and so I’m trying to get more organised so I can work out more and feel fitter and healthier for it. I’ve also started having regular back massages which for me is a delight. They’re relaxing which is great but they also help me to get rid of some of the tension in my back and neck, gained from spending so much time at a desk. I would definitely recommend them to any freelancer!

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