Class of 2011 – meet Emma Runciman of Think Say Do

This week we’ll be rounding up our Class of 2011, which aims to celebrate new freelance and start-up talent.

Emma Runciman is the founder of Think Say Do, a consumer research agency.

Emma attended our Wirral event in October last year and has been a regular poster on our LinkedIn group.

Q) Hello Emma, what is Think Say Do?

I founded Think Say Do, a research and usability testing agency in February 2010. We’re here to help companies and organisations understand and react to their customer’s needs and behaviour. We do that through reasoned, researched insight – finding out what people say and do to help understand how they think and make decisions.

Q) What are your main business aims for 2011?

The main focus is on growing the usability testing side of the business. I love usability testing. Whether it’s helping make a document easier for customers to navigate, or an e-commerce site more user friendly, the insight gained by my clients really makes an impact.

Q) Can you pinpoint any major challenges to your business in 2011?

It’s not specific to 2011, but having started from scratch last year the biggest challenge is turning contacts and leads into live projects, but that’s the case for most businesses, new or established.

Q) Can you share any insights into your business? New clients, software or ways of working in 2011?

I’ve got a few exciting projects in the pipeline, but you’ll have to wait a few weeks to find out more!

Q) Are you engaging with more freelancers in the coming year, or if you are a freelancer, are you widening your client pool?

Widening my client pool is definitely on the agenda, but so is looking after and keeping in touch with the great clients and contacts I’ve already got. I’ve just spent some time tidying up my database to make sure I keep everyone up to date.

Q) What are your New Year business resolutions – or could you pick one thing you would do more of in the coming year?

I’m going to keep up my marketing efforts even when I’m really busy with client work. I’ve found booking events like the Enterprise Freelance Fair and other networking events a few weeks in advance keeps me focused.

Q) Which one piece of advice would you give someone starting out in business as a start-up or freelancer in 2011?

You can’t do everything – pick your niche and do it well. Companies employ experts, not generalists. There’s always the temptation to keep adding more services, but it’s important to keep focused on what you do well.

Make sure you’ve got a diverse pool of contacts so can you recommend people you trust when your clients need help beyond your field of expertise – get out and meet your team of associates.

Throughout the year we will be checking in with Emma and her progress with Think Say Do.

Emma Tweets at ThinkSayDo_Emma

The final Class of 2011 member will be revealed later this week.

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