Class of 2011 – meet Mike Cowburn of Communisage

Today’s Class of 2011 member is Mike Cowburn of Communisage.

Mike is qualified marketing professional who has delivered profitable business growth in both P&L responsible and marketing agency roles.

Mike attended two Brookson Enterprise Freelance Fair events in 2010 and shares some thoughts on his next year in business.

Q) What is Communisage?

Via Communisage, I provide an affordable “one stop total marketing” service for SMEs which will work directly with them to help better understand their trading environment, then develop proven strategies and implement the necessary tactics to grow their business.

I am also a professional presentation designer who can empower a presenter’s delivery of engaging, memorable and compelling presentations which positively influence their audiences towards them!

Q) What are your main business aims for 2011?

Put quite simply, I want to establish my brand, promote the benefits of its “total marketing” credo, design loads of presentations for clients and agencies, establish a wider base of customers who will provide me with repeat business and grow my revenues.

Q) Can you pinpoint any major challenges to your business in 2011?

Growing it!

Q) Can you share any insights into your business?

For a good number of people, marketing means activities for reaching, engaging and converting customers : like cloud marketing, direct marketing, advertising and social media.

However, TOTAL marketing addresses all aspects of how a company goes to market from understanding their trading environment to evolving strategy and all the tactics required to create desirable product/market value propositions.

It’s a more insightful, holistic process for developing competitive advantage and differentiation in order to realise sustainable and profitable growth!

With Communisage, clients benefit across the whole “identify to KPI” business development spectrum and get the “hands on” commitment of an employee and the creativity of an ad agency, without the cost of either!

Q) Are you engaging with more freelancers in the coming year?

Like most business, I have a supply chain which is appropriate to the needs of my clients’ and my own too!  This consists mainly of freelance copywriters, designers, digital marketers and  printers.

Q) What are your New Year business resolutions – or could pick one thing you would do more of in the coming year?

I’d really like more organisations to realise the benefits of professional presentation design.

With so much riding on a major customer visit, product launch, investor presentation or organisational change programme; the difference between success and failure, growing or flat revenues can come down to the last vital cog in the communications process – the presentation.

When the stakes are high and the presentation is the last opportunity an organisation has to influence decision making in its favour, the difference between an in house show and a professional production is clearly noticed by prospective customers and stakeholders alike!

Q) Which one piece of advice would you give someone starting out in business as a start-up or freelancer in 2011?

Be determined and persistent, especially when things aren’t going too well. Maintain an unswerving belief in yourself, your capabilities and the value you know you can add for clients!

Throughout the year we will be checking in with Mike and his progress with Communisage.

You can follow Mike on Twitter and via the Communisage website.

The remaining Class of 2011 members will be revealed next week.

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