Cut Your Business Costs by 25% – Outsource to Freelancers

Outsourcing giant Carillion expects to cut the costs of overstretched Government departments by 25%.

The Chief Executive, John McDonough, said in the Sunday Times on June 27th that his business can deliver these level of savings – not immediately, but over time.

So, if Mr McDonough can do this for large Government departments, can digital, media and creative freelancers do the same for small, and medium sized businesses?

I believe that answer has to be yes. Why?

The basis of outsourcing to freelancers is not that it costs less – that you save employers National Insurance etc – but that you use time far more efficiently.

For instance, who still believes that having staff turn up from 9 to 5 for 47 weeks of the year is the most efficient way to deliver your business objectives?

This structure was developed for the industrial age when we were measured on our ability to pull levers or screw tops a certain number of times – and the best way to achieve this was steady and consistent progress.

In today’s business, so much depends on insight, an inspirational moment or an ability to short-cut a problem that we can’t be measured by hours in the office (unless you are a timesheet prisoner – such as a lawyer).

Instead, smart businesses recognise that our optimum times for work or creativity vary and that we are wise to let our teams find out what suits them best – not to force a rigid time schedule on them.

We know this because businesses have become ever more flexible in how their staff work. However, at the same time, the rules and regulations behind employment law require us to become every more rigid – demanding an adherence to the 9 to 5 rule.

Clearly this doesn’t make sense.

So, why not let your skilled and creative people be free? Let them work when they are at their best – and then pay them for the time spent on your account.

Will it save you 25%? Certainly – you’ll certainly save 25% – but most probably, you’ll get a better result too.

So, for businesses looking to grow, or enterprises looking to re-envigorate their profits – is there a better way than to engage with local freelancers – it could save you money and give you a better result?

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