Dating site web programmer / designer – equity co-founder

Dating site web programmer / designer – equity founder

Please contact Mike

Freelance / co-founder role

Dating Site Programmer/Deseigner

Here’s deal. A few years ago I installed a hookup-type site on OSDATE (aweful) and just let it sit and did nothing. Almost 12,000 people tried to sign up (admin stats prove this) and signup is all screwed up so I barely got signups.

I did ZERO advertising except some keyword optimization (I have been consulting in SEO, SEM, Social Media & Startups for last few years but am now done)

I am looking to find a UK based (not India, not bangladesh, not Byelorus), U.S. or Canadian web based experienced dating site developer who is willing to partner up with me in exchange for 5% equity for redesigning and redeveloping the entire site (including transferring existing members) either in OSDATE, PHP, RUBY ON RAILS, PYTHON, ASP or some other language (I don’t care) that can have the site look like a cross between and

I need someone who can code and design and can have the site launched in 7-14 days with both options for free and paid membership.

The site itself has a niche title for hooking up and I know how to organically get 1 million members or more because of my experience in marketing.

The 5% equity will include 5% of revenues. I believe 100% that if we get the site to 1 million members, we can sell it for $50-$100 million or more to a competitor or private equity company that buys these sites.

5% equity may not seem a lot, but most venture capital firms when they invest in companies, they usually take 5% equity for a $250,000 cash investment. Google this all you want.

I want to make sure you are entrepreneurial, social, have a good attitude, are not going to tell me why something isnt going to work. if I pick up one negative ego driven vibe from you, you’re out. I need someone who either has a day job or has not made more than $100,000 a year as a programmer with NO equity on companies you helped build and you would take the plunge on something like this.

Please SEND me COVER LETTER, RESUME, and a bit on yourself.

I also have a secondary ethnic based site that can take out of running or have them buy us as well..

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