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Does one-size marketing fit all freelancers?

As I’ve written about previously,  I’ve been in the (enviable?) position previously of employing a business coach, receiving tailored, personal, marketing and coaching assistance for the benefit of my business. (Perhaps the removal of this ‘hand-holding’ contributed to my recent ‘trough’, or floundering as I prefer to call it?)

I resolved last week, following the inspiration from the Brookson Enterprise Fair in Manchester, to stop wallowing in self-pity, to get out there and focus on the effective marketing of my wares.


When sat with my business coach last year we talked about making marketing plans based on SMART goals. I’m sure I don’t have to tell most of you what these are; I can’t remember them in-depth but I think this stood for Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Timely. I do understand what these benchmarks point to and the thought process they need you to use; applying any marketing idea without making it specific/relevant, measurable, achievable, realistic or timely points to ‘pie in the sky’ schemes.

However, the plan I want to formulate, I believe, needs to be less centric to me and more towards my customers. So I’m going to use some other prompts instead.

What, Who, Where, Why, How and When

Typical writers’ questions if they want to get a great story across to their readers and I want to apply them in my new plan. Like this:

  • What – I sell a range of services to different markets. I’ve realised that it’s far better to choose one or two of them at a time and promote them to particular markets who would be in need, as opposed to all of my services to everyone I meet. Reminiscent of Abraham Lincoln: You can please some of the people with all of Diane’s services some of the time or please all of the people with some of Diane’s services all of the time, but not both……or something like that…..
  • Who – Easy really – to whom, i.e. which market, will want my service(s). What’s their business?
  • Where – These particular potential customers for this particular service(s) – would they be online or local, face-to-face leads?
  • Why – probably the most important one; why would these people or this market buy this service from me? What will it do for their business? Will it save them time, money, or both? Why would they buy from me over my competitors? What is my USP?
  • How – knowing the answers to the ‘whom’ and ‘where’ questions probably lead logically to the ‘how’. It’s very important (for me, at least) that a detailed plan of ‘how’ is decided, to get the most effective and measurable way to promote my business.
  • When – Some markets may be more easily penetrated throughout a season or preceding a certain annual event – knowing the most optimum time to ‘strike’ will make my marketing easier to implement and also, hopefully, more fruitful.

What are your thoughts? Am I barking up the wrong tree, or just answering the same questions as my old business coach, but just in a different way? I welcome any advice you may have; this is still very early on in my freelancing journey and I doubt I’ve made all the mistakes I’m to make along the way!

Wish me luck!

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