Enterprise Freelance Fair profile: Rob Edwards

Enterprise Freelance Fair member Rob Edwards has worked as a freelance media consultant and copywriter for over 4 years, developing, and delivering integrated media applications for a diverse range of brands and creative agencies. Prior to this he was Sales Director of a leading digital media company in London.

As a freelancer, Rob has worked with some of the UK’s leading brands and agencies, including The North Face, Turborg, M and C Saatchi and Live Nation.

Rob is attending our Freelance Fair in Liverpool on Wednesday and we sat down recently to talk through his plans for the coming year.

Q) Rob, what sort of projects are you working on right now?

I am fortunate to have two really interesting projects on the go.

I’m engaged with a leading agency in London on a number of integrated media projects aimed at targeting the 18 – 24 demographic using digital media, mobile apps and QR codes. This is great as it is all about consumer engagement and that is something I have a real passion for.

I am also further developing the voiceover part of the business.

Q) Can you tell us more about your voiceover services?

As part of the Tuborg project (an interactive screen application) I scripted, recorded and produced the voiceover. This was streamed out to thousands of festival goers as they played along on their mobile phones. I really enjoyed the creative process, it worked well and the client were happy, so good all round really.

I have a passion for audio and find the voiceover work compliments my freelance work really well. As with Tuborg, many of the projects I work on require voiceover, so it’s good now to be able to offer the full service to my clients.

Q) What trends and developments have you seen in your market over the last 2 years?

There has been a tremendous increase in the number and type of businesses embracing new media. There are now so many consumer touch points across so many communication channels. Online, mobile, iPads, tablet PCs, in-store, out of home; I could go on. We are now producing and consuming vast quantities of audio / visual and interactive media. These all need to integrate, to produce consistent messages across multiple platforms and they all require professionally produced content.

Q) Is this behind your decision to develop the voiceover part of the business?

There is for sure an increasing demand for professionally produced voiceover content as the channels of consumption increase, and as more and more businesses and publishers embrace new media, then the demand will increase further still; but there is also a commercial reason for the decision. Budgets are still very tight and every penny counts. As I work from my home studio, I can script, record and produce content very cost effectively, without having to hire out a studio and a producer. Very often, these few pounds are the difference between winning or losing business.

Q) What has been your favourite freelance project to date?

It has to be the Tuborg project. I was working with some big agencies there, and the events were very high profile so everything had to be spot on. The deadlines were also tight, but this just focussed everyone on what had to be done and in the end it was all delivered perfectly, on time, to spec, and on budget.

Q) What services do you provide that may be of interest to other Enterprise Freelance Fair members?

Any sort of voiceover work. I work closely with creative agencies, new media production houses, online content developers, app developers, publishers, corporate businesses etc; anyone really looking for content to help them get theirs, and their clients messages across to an increasingly demanding audience.

In terms of audio content, this can be anything from voicing a web video or e-commercials, to corporate narrations, podcast and audiobooks. My focus is on new media, so the requirements tend to vary a lot.

Q) You are attending our Liverpool fair this week – what do you expect from the event?

I’ve been a keen supporter since the first meetings last year in Manchester and Liverpool. The events are excellent, always well attended and always achieve great results. Thanks to the efforts of organisers and it’s members, the freelance market continues to grow healthily as businesses develop their understanding of it and also get to grips with the real benefits of using a temporary, dynamic workforce.

In recognition of this and to support the event I would like to offer any voiceover services, including scripting and production, with a 15% discount to all members.

If you can’t meet Rob in Liverpool on 16th March, members can take advantage of the discount via email or getting in touch via his blog.

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