Enterprises: How you can Beat the Jobs Freeze

You have a budget and a team to deliver your business goals – but when one of your team leave, you are left short handed and without key skills.

How do keep growing your business, make more sales and deliver better returns with less budget and a smaller team?

Every business has been asking themselves this question and now, both the public sector organisations as well as businesses dependent on contracts from the public sector, have to face up to this conundrum.

So what do they do?

…achieve more with less

Or to put it another way, increase efficiency.

Any new business or marketing spend is classically defined as being half good and half bad – and that we never know which half is bad.

But this saying only applies to businesses buying major advertising campaigns.

More and more marketing and customer retention activities are in the control of the company (through websites, social marketing, networking, email marketing, customer relationships etc…) such that staffing has become the principal cost instead of an advertising space cost.

This change, which has taken place over the past 10 years, has seen web managers and digital marketing manager roles created where previously there was done.

It also means that companies are committed to spending on monthly salaries, offices, employment taxes and add on costs, whereas before, if sales turned down, they could cancel an advert campaign more or less over night.

Hence, businesses are now carrying more fixed cost liabilities. And therefore, how do they reduce their fixed costs and yet grow?

One key solution is to engage with more marketing talent on a freelance or project basis. Now, this might be with an agency for larger firms, or an individual for smaller businesses.

However, the critical point is that this is a resource that is bought in only when needed and can be turned off quickly if no sales or insufficient sales come from any campaign.

Hence, the business can regain the ability to switch campaigns or trial different campaigns much more easily and with less risk.

Of course, any sales and marketing activity needs to be co-ordinated, but the freelance talent pool has developed now to the point where it is perfectly possible to hire in these skills too.

The result is a far greater ability to switch projects and adapt the products and services to the changing needs of the consumer than before.

Also, handled right, it should also mean that poorly delivering campaigns can be turned off faster and the cash diverted into those activities that are giving a better return.

All in all then, the job freeze and subsequent dependence on freelance talent could be a blessing in disguise as it now allows businesses to engage in a more efficient way of finding, developing and selling to new and existing clients.

Bring it on!

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