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Finding Freelancers and Freelancers finding Freelancer jobs

How does a business find freelancers?

And, how do freelancers new freelance jobs?

I’m asking this question again because, despite various attempts to solve this, the freelance job market remains inefficient and hence, wastes too much time (looking for jobs) and too much talent (ie the inabilty to connect great people to great projects).

Of course, it is exactly this problem that the Enterprise Freelance Fair was founded.

So, I want to take this opportunity to update everyone – entrepreneurs and executives as well as freelancers – on how we can better match freelance jobs to freelancers and recruiters to the freelance market.

3 options – free, efficient and reliable

Here at Enterprise Freelance Fair, we now have three clear options – the free option, the efficient option and the reliable option.

You can read more about these on our finding freelancers and offering freelance jobs page.

However in summary, you can post freelance jobs for free to this website here or simply tweet the job using the hashtag #effjobs – and it will immediately appear in our home page twitter feed – and we will retweet your message to all our twitter followers (you can also join our efreelancefair twitter following here).

Secondly, by attending the next Enterprise Freelance Fair – 22nd November – we’ll match you to freelance recruiter or freelancers (or both, just in case you both work with freelancers and search for freelance jobs).

Thirdly, you can hire us to go out and find a freelancer. This is the reliable option – and usually the last resort or when you have a tight deadline that you need to meet. We charge for this – based on a % of the fee involved. Contact us for more information.

Of course, you can use one of the many freelance databases and these undoubted have their uses. However, our view is that as iron sharpens iron, so one person working with another (usually in a team) will deliver far better results than when working alone.

Hence, we only recruit from local freelancers – who are able to meet up and work in quick fire project based teams.

In fact, I have come to the opinion that quick fire projects – along the lines of agile or scrum development – is the most efficient and effective way to market, sell, promote or communicate your message or products or services.

Yes, and this can only be achieved through teams of freelancers who are able to quickly come together for an emergency one or two day face-to-face project.

Haven’t tried it yet? You’ll be amazed at the results. In fact, we’ll be using a very similar methodology at our Innospace Accelerator Weekend when we aim to launch 5 new businesses in just two days.

Just think, with a freelance team, you could do the same for your business or project too! Now that is something to get very excited about…



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