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Free ebook for business winning freelancers

Many of you will know that my book published last year – 100 Rules for Entrepreneurs – strongly recommends that all fast growing businesses should engage talented freelancers. …click here to download…

Well, now my publisher has allowed me to select the most relevant rules from the book and offer you a free ebook on 20 rules for Entrepreneurs.

How can this book help me win more freelance work?

Good question! The book is devised for you to use as a give away when you visit a client who is thinking about engaging you as a freelancer.

The book, is of course, intended for the entreprneurs, and yes, by sending a copy to potential clients you can help to establish an independent source that recommends the freelance route.

To download your free copy please click here and feel free to distribute this and share with anyone who you think might find it useful.

100 Rules for Entreprenuers: Real-life business lessons
(Harriman Business Essentials)

“Unlike other business guides, 100 Rules for Entrepreneurs avoids labouring on the theoretical and focuses on the practical experiences.”

“Applying these rules, active and would-be entrepreneurs can skip many of the mistakes of start-up and growth businesses and massively increase their chances of success”

Better Business Magazine, Jan 2011

Buy ‘100 Rules for Entrepreneurs’ from Amazon

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