Freelance Fair Teams

Its simple!

Business and entrepreneurs want teams of talented freelancers who can solve their pressing business problems and challenges… 

…ie more sales, new websites, social media campaigns, entering new markets, launching new products, additional seasonal help etc…

So, we’ve made it simple too! We can help you find freelancers freely, efficiently and reliably;

Firstly – the free option

1. You can submit a freelance role for free at or you can simply tweet the job and just add the hashtag #effjobs – that will make it appear automatically on our twitter feed and home page.
Every fortnight we gather up the recent freelance jobs and feature these in our newsletter. There is no charge for this – so you can use it as often as you like. We’ve helped many startups and fast growth businesses quickly tap into our freelancer subscribe base in this way and wanted to make sure you were aware of this option.
Secondly – the efficient option

2. We also run events (Enterprise Freelance Fairs) where we tailor introductions between business leaders such as yourself with freelancers.

Typically, people we make around 10 chosen introductions and people usually pick up another 10 or more contacts in the breaks and informal networking sessions. We don’t charge for the introductions – we simply charge an entry ticket – which you can order here for our next event in Manchester We make a modest charge for tickets – and ensure that everyone pays to keep the quality high.
The benefit of the event is that it is an opportunity to widen your pool of freelance contacts for both immediate and future needs.

One of the rules that I’ve learnt in business is the value of ensuring you have the right talent available before you make a commitment to a client. Of course, this is near impossible with full time staff, which is another reason why I rely on freelance talent. Hence, I use each of these events to line up another 4 or 5 highly skilled freelancers that I know I can call on in the near or medium term.

These events help me keep up with new digital and marketing trends and refresh my talent pool. I’ve also found that the freelancers who pay and attend these events are highly reliable and professional.
Third – the dependable option
3. Lastly, sometimes you just don’t have time to source freelancers – or perhaps you are finding it hard to get the ‘right’ freelancer.

In this case, if you wish, we can source someone for you.

For this service, we charge 15% commission on top of the rate that the freelancer charges you. We make the introduction and let you negotiate day / project rates directly. There is no minimum fee or complicated terms. We only ask that you don’t use this for very small or short projects.

If you have a project in mind and would like to discuss how we can help, please get in touch with us.

(ps. If you are a freelancer, then keep an eye on the weekly freelance jobs updates).

Here is what some of our freelancer said about our recent eTeamTool launch project using a freelance team;

“It was great to take part in the Freelance Fair Team project with eTeamTool last week. Working on a collaborative basis with like minded individuals meant we could cover a lot of ground in a short space of time.

“By bringing together a combination of experience and key skills, it allowed us to create a strong strategy, fantastic presentation, test the market and develop an effective brand for the eTeamTool. This is collaboration working at it’s best!!

“Thanks for inviting me to take part Neil, look forward to working with team again.”
Phil Young, creative designer


“The Freelance Fair Team project is a great experience and it’s great to be working with such a dynamic team.”
Chris Hough, PHP developer

“The freelance team project was a highly successful two days that put us in a great position to being actively marketing the eTeamtool. The team gelled straight away, the combination of digital marketing, design, and sales expertise is a great pointer to success in the coming weeks. This is the first ‘freelancers’ team I have worked on, and the dynamic it created really helped some good ideas to flourish.”
Michael Lloyd, business development


“I participated in a Freelance Fair Team project with Neil which was my first experience of working with a team of freelancers in this way.  It was a fantastic experience and the results we achieved really showed how well it can work.  The unique combination of skills that had been put together made sure that the team worked with total efficiency and each freelancer played to their strengths. 

The sense of team was brilliant and the clear focus on what we were trying to achieve pushed our boundaries and excelled performance.  Any company with a highly focused project need could gain real benefit from taking the Freelance Fair Team approach and witness real and measurable return on investment.”
Laura Parkinson, Marketing project manager and business development

If you have a project in mind and would like to discuss how we can help, please get in touch with the Enterprise Freelance Fair team.

Contact us for more details….

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