Freelance Talent: Emma Runciman, Think Say Do Market Research

Emma Runciman - Think Say Do

Emma Runciman - Think Say Do

Why and how are people buying your products or services?

Buying’s a subtle process, and people’s influences aren’t always obvious. Think about it – when you shop, can you give clear, tangible reasons for every single item you’ve dropped in the trolley?

I’m Emma Runciman, a freelance consumer insight and market researcher based in the North West. I help businesses refine how they interact with customers. I do it through reasoned, researched insight – finding out what people say and do to help understand how they think, buy and use services.

Once I’ve uncovered the consumer insight, I can turn my recommendations into actions. I help my clients react to their customer’s needs, and help them buy. This could be anything from adapting marketing messaging to guidance with visual merchandising.

I specialise in observational research. Watching people reveals how they really use a store, service or product. So whether you need to find out if your potential market understands your message or you want to find out how customers will react to a new product or retail concept I can help you find the answers.

For more information please call me on 07531 122 532, drop me an email at or visit my website You can also meet me at the North West Enterprise & Freelance Fair in Warrington on the 16th June 2010.

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