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Freelancer Commission Surprise

I must admit surprise!

80% of our freelancers polled said that they would accept a commission or performance related role.

Of course, there is a huge difference between commission only (ie high risk for the freelancer) and a 10 to 20% performance bonus. Nevertheless, I bet if we ran this poll amongst straight-up employees, we’d get the reverse – ie only 20% would be willing to accept commission or performance related pay.

For instance, public sector workers – around 6m employees; how many of these people would accept performance related pay or commission?


So, that means that freelancers really are willing to be flexible and find the best path forward for all parties.

Wow! Great finding – and another feather in the cap for the energy, flexibility and enterprise of freelancers.

ps. the poll is still open – so, if you want to change (or re-enforce) the result, you still can…

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