Freelancer or Entrepreneur?

Results are just in from our latest poll – freelancer or entrepreneur?

And the answers tell us that most of us happily use both the terms ‘freelancer’ and ‘enterpreneur’ according to either the situation or just how we feel that day.

Only 18% of us believe that we are either purely ‘freelancers’ or purely ‘entrepreneurs’.

So, why do so many of happily interchange these terms? It appears that as freelancers, we bring bring an entrepreneurial attitude to our freelance work.

“I have tried to apply entrepreneurial thinking to all of my work since I began in marketing 35 years ago. Since 2003, I am officially a freelance PR consultant and writer too. Looking at the big picture has always served me well, whether working for a firm or starting my own business. It provides a framework within which strategies and tactics that serve ultimate goals can be developed. Entrepreneurial thinking also opens up new avenues for my business and enables me to recognize opportunities as they arise.”

Marsha Baker

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