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Freelancers; are you taking time to recharge your batteries?

Spring is in the air, tiny lambs are bounding about and there’s chocolate – the weight of a small country – on shops’ shelves.  Easter’s here!

The sun has started to peep through the clouds and new signs of life are emerging all around.

Just as business is picking up…

I’ve found, as you may have seen through my previous posts, that lots of companies I work with practically hibernated through the cold weather.  Moving opportunities and freelance jobs to fruition has been painstaking – but in the last month or more, things have started to pick up a quicker pace. 

Potential hirers are more receptive to braving the outside air to meet and discuss.  The tender, green shoots of new opportunities are winding their way towards me which makes the horizon look brighter still.  It’s as if the whole world has woken up.

So, what do I do about school holidays…

The slight spanner in the works is that the kids have finished school, and with the decent run of Bank Holidays around the corner, there’ll be more temptations and distractions enticing me away from the laptop.

I’ve learnt through practice that working from home when the kids are around frustrates me on a level that’s off the scale.  I snap at them, then I feel guilty, they get upset and think I’m a witch….and the cycle goes on – and I don’t seem to get much further with my work anyway.

So, my thoughts are: why bother?

If those opportunities are meant to be, they’ll still be there if I take a short break.  If those potential customers value what I do and would like to commission my services, they’ll still like them a week or two down the line.

Recharging my batteries is just as important to the growth of my business as anything else.  It leaves me better equipped to deal with challenges coming my way, better focused after taking my eyes from the ball for a short while, and more fulfilled due to taking advantage of the flexibility being a freelancer affords me.

The whole country will be on a high, with time off, a ton of chocolate and a Royal Wedding to get patriotic about.  Freelancers can have as much, or as little, time off as they want; juggling becomes a fine art after only a short time working for ourselves. 

Here´s my key tip…

To keep things ticking over until the last crumb of chocolate has gone; set aside short bursts of time to answer queries, make calls and do the bare minimum needed, if only to enjoy the main bulk of your break with no guilt.

You work just as hard, most probably harder, than any employee – you deserve the rest.  So, set the laptop down, walk away from the screen and go eat your body-weight in Easter eggs. 

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