Freelancers – win more business

Freelancers: Succeed as a digital, creative, or marketing and sales Freelancer

Companies need your help – but they struggle to find you. They don’t really understand what you offer. And they aren’t quite sure how to use your skills and talent. This workshop and Work Fair will help you win more high quality work and better rewards

You’ll have the opportunity to pitch your skills and talent to a range of different business all attending as buyers – which means you’ll achieve more new business development in a long lunch time than most of us achieve in 3 months..

You’ll be introduced to local entrepreneurs and business leaders who want to know about latest marketing, creative, media and digital techniques, skills and campaigns. This is your chance to show them what you can do…

Who Should Attend?

– Web developers, iPhone app developers
– Online / offline Marketeers
– SEO and internet Marketeers
– Social Media specialists
– Writers, editors and sub-editors
– Publishers
– Media sales and conference sales
– Broadcast media and music media freelancers
– Video and audio editors
– Creative and design freelancers
– Journalists, PR and copywriters

New Client Introductions – Guaranteed

You’ll return home clear, confident and with hot client leads. Guaranteed.

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