Happy Birthday Freelancers!

If the freelancer community in the UK has a birthday – then today is the day!

23rd of November 1999 is the day that PCG – originally known as the Professional Contractors Group – but now shorted to PCG – the voice of the freelance community – came into effective being.

Although formed in May of that year, it wasn’t until 23rd November of 1999 that PCG really got going and became an effective voice for the freelance and contracting community.

So, what do you do when you have a birthday? You have a party of course! And that is what National Freelancers Day is about – celebrating the positive imact and benefit of the freelance community.

You can join in at www.nationalfreelancerday.co.uk download tips and ideas, listen to the evening audio cast – or join us here – on www.EnterpriseFreelanceFair.co.uk where we will be following the talks with Cover it Live.

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