Helping NW Enterpreneurs choose between Business Angel and VC Funding

Brett Tudor is the freelance editor of iBusinessAngel and will be talking to entrepreneurs and business leaders about the different routes to raising funds and the benefits/ downsides of each route.

How did you get involved in iBusinessAngel?

I’ve been an integral part of iBusinessAngel’s editorial development since 2009 helping to transform it into one of the leading sources of knowledge on angel investing in the UK and the rest of the world.
Our view is that the business angel investment process is too mysterious and through ibusinessangel, we aim to bridge the knowledge gap between entrepreneurs and angel investors so that more businesses get investment and angel investors get better returns

Why are you speaking at Enterprise Freelance Fair

Business Angels want to see entrepreneurs with lean business models, and there is no better way to deliver this than through freelance marketing, sales and digital talent. Hence, by simply attending this event, entrepreneurs will be making themselves more attractive to funding.

What will you speak about?

My aim is to provide an overview of the different funding options currently available in the North West. At the moment these are traditional business angel networks, the new NW fund and also new disruptive business angel groups.
Each funding route has advantages and disadvantages and my aim is to help entrepreneurs identify between them.

Do you think an entrepreneur will pursue just one route to investment?

Good question. Actually, it is common for a business to raise money from more than one network or group, so actually, a business seeking large scale investment will probably be looking at all three routes.
Still, it is helpful for the entrepreneur to understand the costs and challenges involved with each investment route before he or she begins the process.

You are a freelancer yourself?

Yes, that is right. I have a background in real estate investment and business publishing and am fascinated by this new emerging investment sector.
You can meet and hear Brett speak in Manchester on the 16th Feb, and click here to visit iBusinessAngel
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