How to Hire Freelance Talent – Free

Who's Got Talent?

Who's Got Talent?

Freelance talent is flexible, saves you money, can have immediate impact on your business objectives and often brings associated benefits of a more commercially aware skill set.

Some studies suggest that the added flexibility of a freelancer is worth around £15,000.

Other studies show that the value of freelancers is worth 15.9% of annual costs (ignoring any NI or tax savings) – just imagine what would happen if you added 15.9% to your profit margin?

In addition, businesses gain the benefit of smart, commercial people who often have a broader perspective of what works in business as they will have completed a number of assignments over recent months and years. This breadth of knowledge allows freelancers to add valuable real-world experience to decisions about how to develop and grow your business.

For instance, are you asking yourself how freelance talent can cut your marketing and business development costs whilst still growing your business – all at reduced risk?

Great – then you can cut your business costs and gain real business advantage by engaging with local freelance talent. But, how do you find the right talent without spending forever looking for it….

Easy, we can now help you hire the freelance talent you need – free of charge… to help you solve any (or more) of these questions…

Social Media

  • does social media work? LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, forums and blogs?
  • will it work for me and my business?
  • how do I set up a social media campaign?
  • can I find someone to just run my linkedin groups please?

iPhone Apps

  • do iphone apps drive visitors/ traffic or sales?
  • how do you design an iPhone app to succeed and avoid the key mistakes?
  • how much does it cost, what return on investment can you expect?
  • …and can you put my website on an iPad too please?


  • how do I get traffic to my website?
  • does PR work, blogging or SEO?
  • what about putting videos on my website? Does it pay?
  • should I have a newsletter, monthly, weekly or regular magazine
  • what is an ipad and how might it help me grow my business?


  • should I be using other ways to reach new customers and new markets?
  • are press ads the best, radio ads or outside media?
  • how do I increase the amount existing customers spend with me?
  • how do I keep my customers for longer?


  • is my brand design distinctive and recognised?
  • does my brand reflect my business values, is it modern, or classic or look up-to-date?
  • is my brand being used consistently?


  • how can I build a list of new potential clients?
  • how can I grow my e-newsletter mailing list?
  • … and how can I generate more leads for less cost?

Product Price and Strategy

  • is my product priced right – or do I need to charge more?
  • how do I develop my product for a new market?
  • what customer information or knowledge do I need to better improve my products and services?

Events and exhibitions

  • should I attend events?
  • what can I expect in return and how do I run a full event campaign?
  • how do I get the extra staff to run my event?

Sales promotion

  • do discounts and other special offers & competitions work?
  • how do I integrate incentives into my current sales and marketing campaign?


  • how do I sell more?
  • how do I hire the best sales people?
  • how do I set up a sales campaign with the best chance of success?

If you are asking yourself these questions and looking for local freelance help to deliver results, with less cost and lower risk, then we can help you hire the freelance talent you need… just click this link…

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