How much do you owe the tax man? Why Free Agent sponsor Enterprise Freelance Fair

Innovative freelance and small business accountancy software firm,  FreeAgent, are joining the Enterprise Freelance Fair as sponsors on the 22nd of November.


Well, they believe that all freelancers need to know how much of their earnings they can keep – and how much they owe to the tax man.

For instance, the annual self-employed tax payment is due on 31st of Jan. Do you know how much you owe?

FreeAgent allows freelancers and small businesses to track tax due – in real time – meaning you’ll never have a nasty surprise and always have time to plan.

Kilian Fitzsimmons from FreeAgent added “It is great to be involved with  Enterprise Freelance Fair for National Freelancers Day in Manchester on the 22nd November. I am also delighted I have been invited to speak about how FreeAgent runs its business with a large freelance contingent and the pro-freelance philosophy of founders.”

NB. FreeAgent engages lots of freelancers and especially Ruby and Rails developers…


FreeAgent are offering all delegates – a special 3 months free trial – worth upto £75 – to all attendees of the Enterprise Freelance Fair on 22nd November in Manchester. Book your tickets here...


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