How to make business events work for freelancers and entrepreneurs

Networking events are now part and parcel of a modern freelancer or entrepreneur’s working week. So, if the Brookson Enterprise Freelance Fair is different, how so?

First off, we train freelancers on how to use latest research to explain the benefits of freelancing to potential clients as well as help them work out how to pitch. Likewise, we train the entrepreneurs and business leaders about the benefits of working with freelancers and how best to engage with them.

Next, we make direct high value introductions. After all, no one wants to spend their time at an event where everyone is selling!

What’s the point?

Equally, if no one is selling (or buying), then what’s the point either? Okay, it might be social, that’s fine. Or it might be for business intelligence – ie. knowing what’s going on – but ultimately, we only need to do this occasionally.

What then, do we really want from events? The answer is high quality contacts and that’s what the Brookson Enterprise Freelance Fair will deliver.

Sure, easy to say – hard to deliver, right?


That’s why we have developed a unique profiling formula to underpin our events and significantly improve the quality of the conversations and introductions that people are making in the room.

So, how do we do this? Well, without giving away the formula, we’ve tackled this issue as follows

  • People wear different hats – in life and in business. So, take myself, I am a husband, father, son, uncle, godfather, friend, business colleague etc… (okay, I’m also an Arsenal supporter). Catch me in a different role and you’ll find a different ‘Neil’
  • What people do – behave – need – changes according to the role they are playing. And the choices they make. So, if it is raining I put on stout shoes. When v. hot – you’ll find me in flip flops. Or, at 5am I am in pyjamas at 5pm I’m dressed.
  • Knowing how to connect with someone and solve their ‘need’ is dependent on you understanding all this before you start pitching…

Tough, right?

Okay, so we developed a profiling technique in a specific area – marketing and sales (including media, digital, creative, media and any channel that might carry your marketing and sales messages).

We identify what the particular need is at a particular time. And we do this by helping people choose their role – entrepreneur or agency – for instance. We then help them tell us what their need is – by looking at the choices they are making.

Right – once we’ve done this – we can then find freelance talent to meet that need!

So, in other words, meeting the need is relatively easy – once you know what it is! The tough bit is figuring out what the need (at this particular point in time) is! That’s what our profiling does and that’s what makes our event different and that’s what makes the event work.

If you want to find out more – come to our next events in Manchester Enterprise Freelance Fair on 16th February or Liverpool Enterprise Freelance Fair on 16th March or Cheshire Enterprise Freelance Fair on 31st March.

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