How to promote freelance social media services at trade shows

A big opportunity for social media freelancers is to offer their services to events and trade shows. This can be focused both at the trade stands attending the show but also the exhibition organisor too.


New Media such as social media technologies is an effective free platform to engage business and consumers which means that the freelancer simply charges for his or her time.

Using Social Media effectively, can significantly increase the return on investment that you client makes at a trade show and the temporary /campaign nature of the event makes it perfect for freelancers. In addition, as the events tend to be annual or bi-annual events the opportunities often repeat thereby providing a regular repeat customer.

Social Media and its application through Trade Show Marketing can increase the level of business development through lead generation and creating a consumer buzz around the exhibition booth before and after the show extending the Public Relations benefits and your mark at the fair. Optimizing Social Media successfully is the key to generating additional business interest, so let’s examine the process from the social sphere.

Prior to the Exhibition.

Building excitement and a media buzz around the tradeshow booth will encourage prospective clients to visit your both and there are a number of excellent mediums to build this excitement including Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and particularly Pinterest if you are providing a sneak peak of what’s to come.

Content is king in social media and buzz ideas like product giveaways, breakout sessions and stories and testimonials can go a long way to increasing the thrill of your company.

Sales staff should additionally make introductions on these social media channels as another way to raise their profile and start booking meetings before the show begins.


During the Exhibition – build social media into your stand

Modular Stands are designed to hold interactive graphic displays so setting up computers with a real-time twitter feeds should be a breeze and can be unique for allowing realtime consumer engagement.

Social media sites encourage people to share experiences and start debates and trends which will increase PR for your product and provide effective promotion during after the show.

Evaluation of social media – post exhibition

CRM software and a variety of free social media tools are able to measure the distribution of social signals and traffic created from social marketing in addition to the warm leads developed for sales purposes.

The exhibition performance can also be measured though staff and client feedback and never forget the value of a good competitor analysis at the show. It’s a golden opportunity to quiz you competitors and acquire details of their business models.

Social media marketing is providing the media exposure before during and after the show, and by taking an exclusive trade show stand from an exhibition hall to an online community will boost your clients brand, profile and lead generation opportunity both before, during and after the exhibition.

Author Bio – James Barnett is an author on behalf of Nimlok providing research articles into innovative business strategy and New Media marketing methods.

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