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I am delighted, some of our freelancers won’t be coming

I’m absolutely delighted to say that some of our freelancers won’t be coming to our Liverpool event.

This is great news.


Well, because they’ve got work, that’s why, and a number are getting work through our events.

In fact, some of them will be working with me.

How’s that then? Do the Enterprise Freelance Fairs actually work? Certainly.

From my perspective – the entrepreneur – I’ve now found 4 people at the Enterprise Freelance Fair with whom I work with on a regular basis, another 4 or so who help me out with projects and a further 5 or 6 with whom I am in conversation.

Do these events work? Certainly!

The thing I love about these events is that they are not for free. That means that the attendees are serious and professional freelancers who can offer a skill or talent that I simply do not or could never have.

The other thing about the freelancers who come to our events is that they turn up!

Now, don’t underestimate this. Lot’s of people ‘say’ they will turn up, but don’t. ‘Those who turn up get the business’, as Sandy Lindsay said at a recent Manchester Innovation event – and it is true.

However, it is more than that.

I discovered a while ago that I am terribly bad at recruiting people. Generally, I’m interested in what people do and get on well with people, so I always end up liking the people I interview and hence, I was not particularly great at selection.

So, what I’ve learnt to do is this – look at people’s behaviour, or what they do, not what they say.

Put simply, I’ve discovered that people who turn up when they say they will, are more reliable than those who say they will turn up but don’t.

And, far more reliable than those people who never get out of bed or their office anyway.

So, by operating my recruitment policy via the Enterprise Freelance Fair – I have already narrowed down my base of potential freelancers that I will work with, to those who will pay for quality events, can plan to get to the event, and then do so!

There is nothing like people who get stuff done. I found that the skills and talent that I meet at these events are high quality plus I am finding people who are self motivated and able to ‘just get stuff done’.

Its great. I love it. Can’t wait to meet even more talented freelancers on the 16th in Liverpool or in Daresbury, Cheshire on the 31st March.

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