It’s Friday – do you feel great?

North West freelancer Olivia Stefanino has launched a campaign to bring back the ‘feel good’ factor.

Feel Great Friday is about encouraging freelancers to nominate a Friday in which they’ll waive their usual fees and charges – and instead ask clients and customers to donate to the participating organisation’s nominated charity.

“’Feel Great Friday’ is an idea I had to raise money for charity AND help us all feel better about ourselves at the same time”, Olivia said.

“I’m dreaming big – but ultimately, I want to get professionals and organisations all around the world to take part. And encouragingly, even before the official launch, we’ve already been receiving messages of support, offers of help and people wanting to sign up to the idea.

Olivia continued, “of course, it’s up to participants to decide how many ‘Feel Great Fridays!’ they want to organise – whether it’s one a year or more often than that.  Personally, I’ve decided to make the final Friday of each month into a ‘Feel Great Friday!’.  Every client who books a session with me at “Olivia Confidential” on the last Friday of each month will not be charged my usual fee – but instead I’ll be asking them to make a donation to my chosen charity, The Moebius Research Trust, which is a little known charity that’s working hard to find the cause of Moebius Syndrome, a condition that causes facial paralysis from birth – which means that those with the syndrome will never be able to smile.”

You can find out more about Feel Good Friday or pledge your support via the blog at

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