It’s official: Freelancers are happier workers

Research by freelance recruiters people4Business shows that freelancers are happier than ever, with a resounding 86% saying switching from permanent positions has improved their mood and business outlook.

The survey of 26,000 freelancers also showed that 77.5% of freelance and contract workers believe their business will improve over the coming year, while many cited an improvement in outlook amongst their clients.

Writing in a newsletter posted this morning, MD Duncan Taylor revealed that freelancers working in the public sector did not respond with much optimism, but the use of a temporary workforce would be a key factor in the improvement of the general economic climate.

Taylor concluded that the findings “indicate that temporary and freelance staff will be at the forefront of economic growth and tentative steps toward UK business recovery will fuel the flexible job market”.

A happiness index was created through the survey,  measured on a scale from ‘moderate to ecstatic’. Nearly 20% of freelancers described themselves as ‘blissfully happy’.

It has been a good year for people4Business, whose community of both employers and employees has risen 52% over the last year, pointing to a renewed emphasis on freelance and contract work in 2011.

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Written by Alistair Beech on January 17, 2011 and filed in Freelancers, News , , ,

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