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Let’s help build the North West into a world class region for entrepreneurs

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My goal is to see the North West grow into a world class region for start up and growth entrepreneurs and I want to invite you to join me in helping to make that happen…. and make some money on the way.

The North West; Manchester, Liverpool, Chester, Lancaster and so on, already has many great attributes and exciting innovations.

It already has business incubators, world class research institutes and universities, a startup financing sector and now a regional growth fund to put money behind new and growing businesses.

But there is still one key factor that is missing…. the team!

There are three parts to every successful business – the ability to create and invent products and services – the ability to fund and finance the growth and commercialisation of those products, and lastly, the ability to put together the best possible team.

I believe that to date, the cost of putting together high skill teams to drive entrepreneurial growth has been far too high, too risky and too slow.

It is my goal to see this change in 2011 – and I hope you will join me in helping to making it happen.

To do this, we have created the Brookson Enterprise Freelance Fair – where successful entrepreneurs can meet and engage with talented freelancers.

With a readily accessible pool of regional freelance talent, entrepreneurs have the basis of the third and final ingredient – world beating teams, which can help take new products and services to market; and, grow and extend existing products and services.

Freelance sales and marketing teams can now be put together at short notice to respond to sudden opportunities or to run and manage a project / pilot.

The skills of each team member can be optimised for the task which means you get the best possible team and only pay for the skills you use.

Working with freelance teams makes the project costs more affordable whilst allowing you to put world class teams together at short notice.

Here’s why we need each other….

As more entrepreneurs and business leaders begin to work with freelance teams, so we deepen the freelance talent pool in the North West. That means, firstly, that we are keeping the skills and talent in the North West and secondly, by setting new and innovative projects we are challenging the freelance teams to grow and solve new problems and meet new challenges.

Of course, the nature of freelance work is that it is a project. So, as you work with freelancers on your projects and I work with freelancers on my projects, so we are both developing and extending the range and depth of freelance skills and knowledge in our region.

That’s why we both need each other!

To bring this all together and provide the all important instant and affordable access to freelance talent, I have created the Brookson Enterprise Freelance Fairs.

My intention is that you can grow your business faster, more cheaply and more effectively by attending these events and meeting and developing your own pool of freelance talent.

If we work together on this, then, we all win. That is, as more and more entrepreneurs join this new way of working, then we will create a rich and healthy environment for everyone to work in.

This is how we can solve the need for world class teams and do our bit to help make the North West the number one destination for entrepreneurs and growth businesses.

Please join me at the next Brookson Enterprise Freelance Fair in Manchester on 16th February 2011.

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