Liverpool Freelance Fair: “Inspiring, intriguing, fun”

Last night saw another great Enterprise Freelance Fair evening, this time at Liverpool Innovation Park’s new Hub.

Again, we had a packed room and achieved an exceptionally high recommendation rate of 94% from those who attended.

Over the evening, we delivered 250 business introductions plus 12 workshops and lots of informal networking.

Neil Lewis, organiser, said “We are delighted with the quality of the people who attended yesterday’s event and felt very priviledged to hold it in the new Liverpool Innovation Park’s hub – which is yet to be opened. This was our biggest event yet in Merseyside and whilst it didn’t quite beat Manchester for size, the quality of the attendees was excellent.

“So, Liverpool ‘s freelance and entrepreneur community can certainly give Manchester a run for its money! But Manchester is still slightly ahead at the moment, based on our experience.”

Our next and final event of the spring will be in Daresbury on 31st March – our smallest venue – so tickets are limited and delegates are advised to book early.

Here is what some of our delegates said about our Liverpool event:

“A great step forward for freelance foks”
Matt Yates

Michael Grumett

“Excellent, good value for money
Jason Morris

“Inspiring, intriguing, fun”
Michael Braithwaite

“Interesting way of directly hearing some of the plans of entrepreneurial companies”
Clinton Forde

“Great to meet freelancers who are passionate about their work”
Nancy Sutton

“Professional, interesting, good sorts of prospects”
Robert Pietruszkiewicz

“Up to the usual excellent standard – highly recommended”
Mike Cowburn

“Very good, the first time I have been to such an event”
Steve Evans

“Very informative and very well presented”
Brian Bishop

“Very useful + informative”
Katie O’Connor

“Well structured and a positive boost in these difficult times”
Lewis Webster

“Well planed, useful, informative”
James Stratford

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