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Luke Johnson – “Moonlighting [or Freelancing]: the best launch for startups”

As you’ll know from my recent startup workshops, I believe that freelancers have a unique advantage in launching a startup – and that is that they can maintain a steady income flow whilst building their startup in the evenings and at weekends.

In fact, reading Luke Johnson’s new book “Start it up: How running your own business is easier than you think”,  that is exactly what he recommends.

Of course, in Luke’s early startup days he had a proper job and worked evenings and weekends – typically 100 hour weeks and took very few holidays.

However, in today’s work environment we have a unique advantage that freelancing is broadly accepted, is also becoming more and more accepted day by day and we can earn a good income which will support a fledgling business.

Luke is spot on in his book when he says “The biggest single hurdle for many start-ups is the proprietor’s low or non-existant income in the early years. Will your family support you – emotionally, if not financially?”

He continues;

“What often kills an early-stage business is excessive personal drawing of money by the owner, draining the company of vital working capital.

“If you moonlight [or we might add, freelance] the downsides are reduced. Even if it means 100-hour weeks, it’s likely that your employer’s salary will be the least demanding investment capital you’ll ever receive.”

This is wise advice from Luke Johnson who’s excellent, succinct and well timed book goes on to tackle the myths and confusion around starting up a business; such as, Enterpreneurs are mainly motivated by money – which of course is often nonsense. Equally, it is a myth to believe that ‘the idea is what matters’ – quite right, Luke.

Lastly, he explodes the myth that entrepreneurs are born, not made. Which is another reason why taking a job or working as a freelancer while you learn on the ‘startup job’ rings true.

Luke Johnson’s book is well researched and written with a light touch. You’ll get value from reading it for just 2 minutes, if that’s all you can afford.

Finally, the sign off is perfect – “What’s stopping you?

Having read Luke’s book, if you desire it, there will be nothing stopping you.


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