Brookson Enterprise Freelance Fair – Manchester 16th Feb

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Bringing successful entrepreneurs and talented freelancers together

16th February 4:30 pm to 9:00pm at Innospace, Central Manchester

Which came first, the talented freelancer or the successful entrepreneur?

It’s the age old question. If you’re a freelancer with skills in sales, IT, PR, marketing, media, digital, writing or design, you want to meet more clients who can use your services. And, if you’re an entrepreneur focused on growth you need a freelance team with the skills to increase your sales. Both parties need connections that will take them to the next level – and relationships that are mutually beneficial.

The Brookson Enterprise Freelance Fair is the answer. Our workshop will help freelancers sharpen their approach and get ready to take on the problems growing businesses need to solve . At the same time, entrepreneurs will discover how to lead a freelance talent pool to promote their own growth and expansion. Then, through our unique tailored introductions and open networking opportunities, we give everyone the chance to meet and match their business requirements to the services of our freelancers and needs of our entrepreneurs.

We give you an opportunity to build a face-to-face network and find out more about the people and businesses you could be working with. You’ll leave the Enterprise Freelance Fair with new connections, new ideas and an improved blueprint for progress.

What can the Brookson Freelance Fair do for you?

The Brookson Freelance Fair on 16th February 4:30 pm to 9:00 pm at Innospace in central Manchester, gives Freelancers in sales, IT, PR, marketing, media, digital, writing or design the opportunity to connect with the people who need their skills. And it gives entrepreneurs a chance to see how the right talent can deliver more sales – and growth that makes a difference.

What’s on offer for freelancers?

Plenty. Our goal is to make you more confident about presenting your skills and abilities to new business contacts. And when your confidence and knowledge increase, you’ll win more projects and contracts. We’ll help you:

– Establish your services and prices

– Choose between hourly rates, fixed prices and contracts

– Network effectively, build your profile, create virtual agencies and gain referrals

– Maximise your take home pay

Who should attend? Freelancers who want to win more and better work:

· Web and iPhone application developers

· SEO, PPC and viral marketers

· Non-digital marketers (Direct Marketers, telemarketers)

· IT professionals

· Marketing and sales strategists

· Interim sales and marketing directors

· E-commerce and IT systems specialists

· Social Media experts

· Copywriters, writers, bloggers, editors and publishers

· Digital and print designers

· Media and conferences organisers and sales specialists

· Broadcast, Video, animation and music freelancers

· PR, brand and reputation experts

· Freelance sales professionals

What can we do to help entrepreneurs grow?

A lot, actually. Our goal is to give you the tools to lead a team of flexible and talented freelancers. Using their resources efficiently will support your growth, your sales – and your bottom line.

We’ll help you:

– Select the most cost-effective freelance help

– Build a freelance team to support your expansion

– Brief your freelancers to maximise their contributions

– Maintain your intellectual property rights

Who should attend?

– Marketers

– Entrepreneurs and business leaders

– Digital entrepreneurs

– Media professionals

– Creative managers

Our workshops – focused support for freelancers and entrepreneurs

We’ve created two sessions on February 16th from 4:30-8:30– one for freelancers and one for entrepreneurs. They’ve been designed to make a difference to the way you connect, build relationships and progress. If you’re both an entrepreneur and a freelancer, just select the Senior Freelance option on the registration form.

The freelance workshop – 4:30 – 6:00

From setting goals to understanding the trends that will have an impact on you, you’ll be able to discover better ways to work.

· Setting your freelance goals for 2011

· Freelancers – 5 ways to win business, 5 ways to lose business

· Sole trader or limited company?

· How to develop your freelance community to win cross referrals

· Where is the future demand for marketing and sales freelancers

· The freelance future

Speakers to be confirmed shortly.

The entrepreneur workshop – 4:30 – 6:00

We’ll help you see how a strong pool of freelance talent can help you increase sale and go forward.

· How to grow your business smart with freelance talent

· Have you got the right team for your business?

· How to lead a successful freelance team

· Three quick steps to staying compliant

· Five ways to get funding

· Five ways to avoid needing funding

Speakers to be confirmed shortly.

Building your business with new and better connections.

After the workshops on February 16th, your networking opportunities begin. You can get to know businesses interested in your services – or meet freelancers whose talents can support your growth. In all cases, you’ll walk away with new leads and valuable contacts.

– Tailored Introductions

From 6:30 – 8:30 we use our unique software to match the profiles of entrepreneurs with the services and talents of our freelancers. We manage the introductions so both parties meet exactly the people they need to.

Open Networking

From 8:30 to 9:00 and during the event, we provide you with the opportunity to meet people and talk about what you do in a relaxed and informal setting. It’s the ideal place to put what you’ve learned to work and build a network for the future.

More opportunities, better connections

The Enterprise Freelance Fair will open doors for everyone who attends. For freelancers, it’s an opportunity to learn how to win better work, and meet the organisations who can offer that work. For entrepreneurs, it’s a chance to target opportunities for growth and assemble the freelance talent who can deliver that growth – as cost effectively and efficiently as possible.

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