Enterprises: meet 40 North West Freelancers in 3 Hours? Only 2 places left!

Meet 40 North West FreelancersWe all know that the creative, digital and marketing talent is out there – but how do we, the business leaders, meet them?

How do successful entrepreneurs find out the buzz of what is working – and what is not working – without it taking forever and a day?

Okay, so if you could meet 40 creative, digital, marketing and media freelancers who could pitch their services to you in just 2.5 hours – all in less than a mornings work – then that would be of huge value, true?

Sure it would!

If were free of charge for your business, then that would be even better? Right…?

… yes it would, and that explains why some top names from the North West will be joining us at the mini Enterprise & Freelance Fair on June 16th in Warrington.

The good news is that we still have a couple of places left (at the time of writing) for businesses which are active in buying marketing services and/ or recruiting freelance talent in the region.

So, if you think that your business is active enough and is looking to grow your freelance marketing, digital, creative talent in the coming 12 months, then you might be the perfect partner.

If you want to come and meet 40 freelancers in 3 hours and your business meets our criteria for attending, then you can expect to meet an exciting range of innovative and creative talent such as

  •  iphone and ipad developers,
  • creative talent,
  • digital marketing,
  • social media experts,
  • traditional advertising and marketing,
  • photo to wall paper printers,
  • aerial video,
  • copywriters, journalist and editors
  • video recording and editing

… along with a whole host of novel and creative ways to promote your business.

If you would like to join us for one of the remaining places at this event please contact us at . (Please note, we can only accept applications from businesses actively hiring freelance or marketing services).

Freelancers – book your tickets now and save 22%

Note: if you are a freelancer, then will want to come and pitch your skills and talent to some of the top recruiters of freelance talent in the region – please book tickets at North West – Mini Enterprise & Freelance Fair – June 2010 (while tickets still available).

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