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National Freelancers Day – 21st November 2012 – 7 business building tips!

National Freelancers Day is coming soon – 21st November and a great way to win new business.

Here are our tips for how you can get the most from this unique day.

1. Listen to the lecture live on the evening of the 21st November and follow the twitter comments on the #nfd2012 hashtag.

2. Invite all your clients to listen into the lecture too – the more clients that buy your vision of flexible freelance workforces, the better they’ll understand (and be able to sell internally) the benefits of working with you as a freelancer. The most valuable part will be the debate where leading figures discuss the benefits of working with freelancers.

3. Use the national freelance day event to get to know local freelancers. The more freelancers you know, the easier it is to co-operate and form teams to solve bigger challenges. You’ll find lots of twitter – so make sure you follow the National Freelancer Day hashtag.

4. Use the debate to write a short article about the benefits of freelancing and submit your article – either to your own blog or a freelance blog, like this one.  Make sure you focus on the benefits for the client – and then this gives you an opportunity to drop a line to existing and past clients to remind them of why they should use freelancers and also your services. If you want to write an article for use on Enterprise Freelance Fair, please drop us a line via our contact page.

5. Most freelancers believe that updated skills are very important. So, take this chance to check your LinkedIn page or website to see that this is up-to-date. LinkedIn in now particularly good at helping you display skill areas. You can also add a brief summary of your skills to our freelancers listings  page if you are based in the UK.

6. However, don’t forget that clients care about getting their problems solved – so, remember to list your skills but talk about client problems getting solved. This is what our clients really care about.

7. Enjoy National Freelancers Day! It is fun and a great chance to celebrate what freelancers bring to the UK economy. It is always fun to be around to connected with like-minded people and a great boost to your moral and motivation to make the freelancing life work.




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