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Networking brings new motivation and momentum

Enterprise Freelance Fair Manchester

I’ve documented in this column just how hard I’ve found things of late. But attending a networking event this week has assured me that the future’s bright…

Because I can no longer afford the luxury of a personal business coach, I’ve found myself flailing around a little lately – with very little clear direction or focus with regards to my freelancing career. However, this week, things have shifted towards a bright light. I don’t think it’s a near-death experience, more a ‘Eureka’ mindset beckoning me closer.

The Brookson Enterprise Freelance Fair

I attended the Brookson Enterprise Freelance Fair in Manchester on Wednesday and although I probably had to travel the furthest to get there, it was well worth the trip. Being in a room of like-minded individuals can really tune in your focus ‘chip’ – making you look far more objectively at your own business.

Birds-Eye needed…not the frozen peas

When I’m sat in the office, surrounded by my to-do list, it can be hard to know which way to turn, and also difficult to take a birds-eye view of my freelancing business. Talking over issues, hearing relevant statistics and receiving valuable advice from the guest speakers certainly made a difference to me – in fact, at one point I felt like standing up and shouting, “But how did you know…?”

I came away with a couple of leads but more importantly (to me, anyway) the inspiration and motivation to get out of the rut I’m currently in. The event confirmed to me that the services I offer are in demand so it must be who I’m aiming them at, or how I’m packaging my wares, that need to change.

A virtual kick up the backside

Because my husband had played chauffeur, I automatically had a sounding board on the journey home which also helped clarify what my next move should be. One thing we agreed on – is that I need a strategy. No panicky tweets saying, “I’m here, buy from me” and no blog posts moaning about how hard freelancing life is (sorry about that, readers!) – what I think I badly needed was a virtual kick up the backside, or in more pleasant terms, pointing in the right direction.

The next few weeks I’m going to spend time (admittedly, I’ve got lots of it at the moment) thinking about my potential customers, about my services, my marketing and the problems I could solve within the business community. I want to clearly set out to whom and when I’ll make contact, and derive clear focus on what I’m offering them and how it will change or bring value to their businesses.

It sounds simple, and knowing that this is what I need to do is not revolutionary; however, the task of finding new clients pre-event was like an uphill struggle and I found it hard to know where to start.

Post-event, the journey is still there, but a bright light is showing me the way.

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