New All-Party Parliamentary Group for the Freelance Sector

A new All-Party Parliamentary Group on the Freelance Sector has been established at the Houses of Parliament. The Group will be chaired by Brian Binley MP for Northampton South, with PCG providing administrative assistance.

MPs from all the main parliamentary parties attended an inaugural meeting at the Gladstone Room in the House of Commons, bringing the new group into existence.

The Group will provide a bridge between Westminster and the UK’s 1.4m Freelancers. It will seek to highlight the contribution which freelancers make to the UK economy and promote the freelance way of working.

Speaking after the meeting Brian Binley said: “I am delighted to have been elected as Chairman of this group. Freelancers play a vital role within our economy and often their efforts go largely unnoticed. I am hopeful that this group can bring together freelancers across all different industries with the common aim of improving the conditions they are faced with.”

PCG’s Head of Public Affairs Simon McVicker added: “PCG wholeheartedly welcomes the formation of this All-Party Group and we will give it our full support. Brian Binley has been a great friend to freelancers and small businesses more generally for many years and will be an excellent Chairman. We will be working closely with the Group not only to highlight the importance of the freelance sector, but also to tackle the issues which are of most concern to UK freelancers

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