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The four articles that really got us thinking last week – do they apply to your business?

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Have a great week folks!

1) The recent Startup Genome report found that startup success is not all about the product – it’s about building a brilliant team. Freelancers – do you work better in a team? Entrepreneurs –  if you have built one, how do you rate YOUR team?

2) Digital marketers! Have you got your hands on Google+? Has the search giant  finally produced a social platform to rival Facebook? Or are you looking elsewhere for the next big social network?

3) 50% of new US jobs are freelance positions – with the UK looking likely to follow! Freelancers – do you view this as a welcome trend, or does greater competition make you fear for the future?

4) It’s official – freelancers are taking charge of their whole careers, often combining full-time positions with project work AND organising their own bookkeeping, according to our latest poll.

A dominant 62% of respondents maintain their own accounts, with freelance specialists making up just 23% of votes. Are we becoming more organised with great new online tools at hand, or do accountants need to re-think their offering to small businesses and freelance workers?

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Written by Alistair Beech on July 4, 2011 and filed in Entrepreneurs, Freelancers, News

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