National Freelancers Day – 21st November 2012 – 7 business building tips!

National Freelancers Day is coming soon – 21st November and a great way to win new business.

Here are our tips for how you can get the most from this unique day.

Freelance film buffs – catch the Chester Premier of Skyfall!

Calling all freelance film buffs in the North West… Chester’s favourite film son, Daniel Craig, is returning to the big screen this week and his new Bond film, Skyfall, will be premieried in Chester on Thursday – a day before national release!

Wanted: Co-founder / Lead Prototyper / R&D Programmer with deep music interests

Looking for a full-time creative and adaptable C++ programmer who can solve broad/bespoke technical problems with experience/interest in audio interfaces/real-time DSP. Or, deep interest in electronic music and music production/performance technology/software.

Can you spare a pound or two?

Okay, this article isn’t just for freelancers or about freelance jobs – this is just a blatant, out-there, request…

Freelancer Pensions

7 million adults in the UK are reckoned to either not have a pension or not be paying into their pension.

That’s pretty scary!

So what should a freelancer do?

21 Quick-fire Finance Tips for Freelancers

Money. It causes sleepless nights for the self-employed, and it also buys us life’s luxuries. Whether you think you’re on top of your game or you’re looking for help breaking even, there’s always something you can do different to improve your cashflow. Here’s 21 quick tips you may not have considered.

Frazzled Freelancer: Seven tips to boost your freelance business

The Frazzled Freelancer has seven quick and easy ways to get a little extra out of your business that will increase your income without increasing your spending.

Freelance tips: 7 techniques to stay focused

Struggling to stick it out to the end? No matter how much work you’ve got on, there’ll always be something to distract your attention.

Here’s seven tips to staying focused on your freelance work.

Does teamwork matter for freelancers?

Freelancers are lone wolves – they work by themselves to their own schedule. Don’t believe me? Check out these 7 things that freelancers do

So, here’s my question…. does teamwork matter to freelancers? And if so, are they any better at teamwork than anyone else? Find out ….

How to promote freelance social media services at trade shows

A big opportunity for social media freelancers is to offer their services to events and trade shows.

We take a quick look at how freelancers can take advantage of this opportunity…

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