7 things freelancers do – but shouldn’t

The Frazzled Freelancer recently reflected on the quirky and unusual aspects of life experienced by those working for themselves. In this follow-up piece, he looks at seven more traits of a freelance professional, this time highlighting those we’d be better off without.

7 quirky and unusual things freelancers do

A friend of the Frazzled Freelancer, recently turned self-employed, complained this weekend that she was stuck inside on a sunny Saturday slaving over her keyboard as the deadline for her latest article loomed.

Working strange hours is just one of the quirks of the freelance lifestyle. How many of these seven sound familiar to you?

Dating site web programmer / designer – equity co-founder

Mike is looking for a dating site web programmer / developer to join him in launching a new dating website in exchange for equity and a share of revenue.


Freelance Flash (web) developer – Liverpool

AMI Learning are looking for a freelance flash (web) developer in Liverpool / Wirral area.

Is this you?

Freelancer’s circles of wealth creation

Freelancers and contractors develop significant opportunities for personal, financial and family prosperity through balancing the equilibrium of wealth and investment management in life’s key circles of finance. 

11 Freelance jobs and work in Leeds, Manchester, Liverpool and West Yorkshire

Freelance work and freelance jobs for C++ developer, PHP developer, WP developer, journalists, copywriters, Danish copywriter, freelance marketing co-ordinator, freelance word experts, freelance artworkers, ux designers, freelance sales reps in Liverpool, Manchester, Leeds and West Yorkshire…

7 Money Tips for Freelance Workers

There are a bunch of money issues that freelancers  face because they are  self-employed.

So what should a freelancer look out for when it comes to work, saving, paying and earning on your own? Here are our 7 top tips…


7 lessons learned in a year as a freelancer worker

The Frazzled Freelancer reflects on the first year as his own boss, discussing lessons learned along the way.

The power of the top freelance team

Do you think your freelance business could be doing better?

So, what does the smart freelancer do? It seems that more and more freelancers are getting together to form top freelance teams..

Top 7 things a freelancer can do for free on the internet

There’s still no such thing as a free lunch, but the internet is packed with brilliant tools that make a freelancer’s life easier and which don’t cost a penny – and that’s the next best thing. The Frazzled Freelancer has been trying out some handy services, and these are his recommendations.

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