Was Scrooge a freelancer? What would Santa call his freelancing Reindeer?

This week our intrepid Frazzled Freelancer asks if Scrooge was a freelancer. And if your goose isn’t getting fat before Christmas, what do you do about it? She also suggests 12 new names for Santa’s freelancing reindeer… can you come up with better names?

Check out photos from EFFCheshire on Flickr

See the photos from our event at Daresbury Innovation Centre on our Flickr page. http://bit.ly/EFFCheshirePhotos

Cheshire’s Brookson Enterprise Freelance Fair – “Excellent from Start to Finish”

Thanks to everyone who took part in the Daresbury/ Cheshire’s Brookson Enterprise Freelance Fair on 19th November and made it the most successful event yet in terms of feedback and response.

Find out what people found really valuable…

David Cameron praises freelancers’ courage on National Freelancer Day

David Cameron, UK Prime Minister, has praised the courage and role that freelancers play in enriching the economy and the British way of life.

Writing on National Freelancer Day, 23rd November, he said

National Freelancers Day – covered live from London

We covered National Freelancers Day live from London on 23rd Nov…

Find out how Dr Bellini and other key figures see the future for freelancers and businesses engaging those freelancers.

Happy Birthday Freelancers!

If the freelancer community in the UK has a birthday – then today is the day!

23rd of November 1999 is the day that PCG – originally known as the Professional Contractors Group – but now shorted to PCG – the voice of the freelance community – came into effective being.

Freelancers love life! Are happier about their health, financial situation, their prospects…and their wife, husband or partner!

A ComRes survey, commissioned by PCG, published today (Nov 22nd) shows that nearly three-quarters (73%) of the 1,624 polled had actively chosen to become freelancers as a long-term career option in a survey to celebrate National Freelancers Day, the freelance community’s birthday.

Are you an anti-social media freelancer?

Would you say you were an antisocial freelancer?  Do you bury yourself in your workload and think that face-to-face is the only way to network?

This week our Frazzled Freelancer asks – are we spending enough time developing our business on Social Media?

Relive the Cheshire / Daresbury Enterprise Freelance Fair…

If you can’t be there – at least you can follow from your armchair…

Do you need – or want funding? Start-up Workshop added to Cheshire – 19th Nov event

Do you need funding? Or are you wondering if you can grow and thrive without it? If you are asking either of these questions, then this workshop is for you.

This one hour worshop called “Startup Sweet” will be added to the Cheshire / Daresbury Brookson Enterprise Freelance Fair on the 19th November and will be free of charge to all attendees. (If you’d like to come along, please register for the morning event at http://www.enterprisefreelancefair.co.uk/brooksonenterprise-freelance-fair-daresbury-cheshire/)

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