Phew! That’s better – now back to freelance work?

Welcome back!

The kids are back at school and I hope you’ve had a great holiday over Easter or at least during the glorious Royal wedding (either glorious because you were watching or glorious because you were outside enjoying the day off!).

I wonder how freelancers spent the day? Did you spend it working? I did!

But, I will also admit, I kept the live BBC newsfeed running on my iPad next to me whilst I got on with some real work!

What did you do, did you take the day off or slip back into the freelancer lifestyle of ‘grabbing a few extra hours to sort things out?’.

My excuse is  – and it is a good one – is that I had taken holiday for the previous two and a bit weeks – only coming back to work last Wednesday – so yes, there were bills to pay, invoices to raise, bits of paper to move and a few more ‘revenue generating’ activities to concentrate on too.

So, now, we’re back, how are we going to find the best freelance jobs and work to keep us busy and paid during the summer months?

Okay, last term we delivered 3 key events which generated potential business work £1.7m.

During the spring and summer months we are going to continue to bring you more and more freelance job opportunities – both in the North West (Manchester, Liverpool etc) but also in central London – for those of you willing to travel a bit further.

You’ll also see – those of you that are sharp eyed – that we are now offering to put together teams of talented freelancers for businesses and entrepreneurs.

We’re beginning with two teams – one, a new business development team for professional and financial services and the other developing web based stories and ‘journeys’.

The great news is that we already hold the profiles of those of you who have attended the recent Enterprise Freelance Fairs in Manchester, Liverpool and Daresbury – so, we’ll be in touch as and when we agree projects with the many businesses and entreprenuers that we have been talking too.

Our focus at Enterprise Freelance Fair is to source freelance jobs and help build successful freelancer teams to help enterprises and businesses to grow – faster, better and more efficiently. Please stay tuned!

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